Monday, October 29, 2012

Beyonce's Barack Obama Earrings, Just May Be The President's Good Luck Charm!!

Beyonce's Barack  Obama earrings just may lead President Obama into a victorious win, well at lease that's what TMZ had to say. TMZ has learned, sales for the pro-bama jewelry have EXPLODED. The earrings were designed by a Puerto Rican jewelry designer named Erika Peña -- and up until last week, she had only sold 5 sets of the handmade earrings.
Well we are all wishing on a hope and a prayer that Obama wins the election, because if Satan himself "Mitt Romney" gets in house..Oh, man, there will be hell right here on earth!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Have We Lost A Generation Of Children To The Illuminati, Drugs and Violence?

I have always heard from people that even if a person has money, if they were unhappy prior to coming into that money, then most likely they will be unhappy once gaining a substantial amount. As years has gone by I myself am finding that statement to be so true. Here I am 40 years young with so much talent and promise, I have made it to my final destination in life and everything is great, however, there is a thorn that grows on my perfect rose bush that for some reason gets sharper and sharper with each passing year
I have worked hard and non stop to finally be in a place in my life where things are just now beginning to appear normal and right on track, but yet there is something that weighs heavy on my heart. I am the mother of a 16-year-old and a 21-year-old, now here is where my problem begins.
I have been the best parent that I know how to be. Never ran the streets, never in and out the clubs every weekend, I'm not a drinker nor am I a drug abuser, never have been the type to have random men in and out of my bed, that's just never been my get down, so I find it hard to swallow a pill that I have no symptoms for.
As a single parent, I will not accept any responsibility for the wrong actions of any of my children, They do not have the right to say that I am the reason why..... i just wont accept it! especially when I, the single parent has been around your whole life. Now I do understand that a child may be angry at a parent that is not in a child's life, that's completely understandable, however I must draw the line when a child's anger becomes displaced and directed at the parent who has been there to weather the storms, but when a child raises a hand to a parent then that's when the game stops, and it gets real fukin serious!
People the children of today are being preyed upon, they are now thinking that if they do everything that the Most High is against, then that automatically means that you sold your soul to the devil for financial gain, so now its okay to call your mother a bitch, kill innocent individuals, break  into someones house and lay them all down at gun point,little children too.

Society has taught our children that money is what makes the world go round and without it your nothing.. I guess For me, I can say that the Lil Waynes and Wiz Kalifa's and the Illuminati has these children thinking that they have to go out there and get it by any means possible and got dammit that's just what the hell they are doing! Kid's killing Kid's and adults, Stealing Cars, Beating and preying on the elderly, no respect for their parent's, no longer educated, on crack and heroin and I'm talking about teenagers you guy's from 10 years of age on up.
Where did we go wrong? what happened to all of the Big Mama's of the world? when did we as a people decide to take The Most High out of the home, why have we not instilled the Fear of the lord in these children? For some, we have, and at the end of the day, you can lead a horse to still waters but you can not make that horse drink!
So for those single mother's and father's out there wondering where you went wrong with your child..just know that it was not you that went has been our Government as well as the mass media and the Entertainment Industry who has lead this generation of children down hells path!
To all my single parents out there that may be dealing with a unruly child, know that the Most High is watching that child and will deal with him/her accordingly, because after all, wasn't it written that a disobedient child, day's will be long and hard here on earth. Amen

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lil Wayne Tweets Out After Being Discharged From Hospital..

Lil Wayne has Tweeted a big fat thank you to everyone who wished him well and a speedy recovery, as earlier reported by Lil Wayne had not one but two seizures last week, with the last one, causing his flight to change his course of flight that would land Weezy in the hospital in Louisiana.
Well Wayne Your loved ones, friends, and fans, are all very glad that your okay. Take care of your (Self) first, because if you don't.. Your public, your fans, will all be missing one of the greatest Artist/Entertainer's that hit the Hip-Hop industry..


Friday, October 26, 2012

Lil Wayne Rushed To Hospital Due To A Medical Emergency!!

Apparently Lil Wayne has seized out twice and has since been admitted and released from Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson, Louisiana. Allegedly after suffering yet another seizure on a airplane ... this was his second  seizure in 24 hours ... TMZ has learned. 

Now,what will be curious to learn, is was Wayne smokin alot mo den grass when his ass started to seize. Ijs, I have never even heard of Wayne having this debilitating disease until now, you would think that he would have had a seizure way before now as long as he has been in the spotlight.. but nope we are just now hearing that he even has a Medical condition.

I don't know everything that goes on behind close doors in the Hip-Hop Industry, everything is all so fake and rehearsed, it makes it difficult to decipher what's real from fake, not to mention who's on drug's who isn't. I just hope he gets better and takes care of himself no matter what the cause of his seizure was.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Vicious Cycle!

As a mother there are things that your right mind should tell you not to do. For instance, I would never allow a man to take up too much space with any of my daughter's, what is your grown ass doing trying to have a adult conversation with a 13-year-old child for? A mother should always raise one eyebrow if the man she is dating is showering your child with lavish gifts. One thing that a mother should pay attention to, is when her child tells her that a certain individuals makes them uncomfortable to be around. Yes! these are all red flags!
I'd like for you to understand that when a child has been raped, molested, incested, physically and mentally abused, that there are long lasting effects from that abuse. Some people that come from long lines of abuse, tend to become addicts, addicts of drug's, addicts of alcohol, and yes, for those who don't become slaves to alcohol or narcotics, the other majority can sometimes tend to become addicted to sugar. (true fact, look it up) I tend to be a sugar fanatic! I don't drink, I don't do drug's, however, I smoke cigarettes.
A person that has been abused as a child and has now entered adult hood find it difficult to communicate with other's it's like they can almost switch their personalities on and off. I have attributed the switching the emotions on and off to..simply this.. When a child is being abused, it puts that child in a scared and panic place, that child has no control over the situation, "what would you do if you couldn't exscape the abuse?" You would turn your emotions off, pretend you were some where else, some people have even been known to  have "Outter Body Experiences" which means that a person could actually leave the body and look down at the events that are happening in present time..again, another proven fact, all you have to do is research the information yourself.

Being raped and abused of any nature changes the way a person looks at another individual, one may not ever trust another man or woman again, sometimes a attack of this nature may drive him/her insane. Sexual abuse can sometimes lead to a lack of emotions, a person may become paranoid, withdrawn, anti-social, it could even determine a person's sexual preference.
Abuse is a vicious cycle, alot of mass murderer's, I can almost assure you were abused on some type of level.
Sexual abuse and battery can be the worst of all entering adult hood, why you ask? because to a victim of sexual abuse, depending on what age the abuse happened, could potentially destroy a man or woman's sex drive or the complete opposite the individual may become addicted to sex! Not being able to sustain a faithful relationship..
There is so much to be said on this topic, however I will leave you to marinate on this thought.
Alway's put your children first!!

Should Evander Hollyfield Be Stepping Back Into The Ring, Or Hospice!!

It now appears that Evander Hollyfield was just playin' when he told TMZ last week that he absolutely would not be stepping back into the ring.. Well , you know, he is 50 maybe Demetia has begun to seep in.
Personally I feel that he dosen't stand a chance, if faced with the New Generation of boxers hoping in the ring, sure there may not be any hard hitta's in the Heavy Weight Division, ( none that I'm aware of anyways) however, these men are still young bucks that are training their ass off! Evander? are you sure you want to put them gloves back on and enter into that ring?
Okay, Okay..if you must re-join the brutal world of boxing, can you please do us all a favor? Stick to fighting the George Foreman's of your time, surely, your fans don't want to see you hurt, nor laid out for the final count..

The Family Tree "The Roots That Are Buried Deep!"

Cassie hit the street's of San Jose as if it had done a grave in-justice to her, she was angry. Cassie went into Juvenile Hall a very sweet, young lady, who yes, may have had some issue's but at the core of her soul she was as sweet as honey. Cassie figured that was why the staff member's through-out the year's had become her adoptive parent's. Cassie had her favorites as well, with Mrs. Moreno being one of the staff member's she loved, Mrs. Moreno would pull Cassie out of her room during visiting hours. That was Cassie's visit, Mrs. Moreno would bring her Snicker's candy bars and Pepsi soda, to a child who hadn't seen freedom and received any visits that meant alot. If you had someone on the outs that loved you, then it wasn't that big of a deal to have gotten a candy bar with a soda to go with was normal, but for a person, a child with no outside communication with anyone at all, it felt like someone had just told Cassie she had won the lotto. It became routine for Mrs. Moreno to pull Cassie out of her cell, just to show Cassie she was loved, Mrs. Moreno started a trend, before you knew it, Teddy Bear, another staff member began to pull Cassie out of her room for cleaning detail, shoot, you were lucky to be on cleaning detail, that meant that you could stay up late with the staff members, eat popcorn, and have a movie night without the other residents of the Hall.
The newbies that entered the Hall would get upset and write complaints because they felt the staff members showed favoritism towards Cassie and they did, but for good reason. "Cassie, why is it that your family has never been here to see you in the whole 13 months of your stay here?" Miss Beverley asked Cassie
Another staff member that she adored, she was a African American woman and she was always dressed to impress, one could tell that Miss Beverley's milkshake brought all the boys to the yard, she was a very pretty woman. Miss Beverley was the one who told her what the brown stuff was in her panties when she had turned 12-years-old in the Hall "It's just the beginning of your woman hood Cassie, now you have to be very careful about having sex, you are now capable of bringing a child in the world," Miss Beverley said
"I'm never having any kids Bev," Cassie said with a hint of reassurance, it was more of her trying to convince herself that children were not on the menu for her, at least not yet anyways..
Cassie's first stop would be Eastridge Mall, before Cassie had gotten incarcerated, Eastridge was where you would find Cassie and her clique from Seven Trees, who by the way were crips, Cassie was a Blood but since this wasn't L.A. she decided to roll with the girls because they appeared to be just as crazy as she was..her type of crowd.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

5-year-old,Montgomery Boy, Throat Slashed To Release Demons??!!!

Early Saturday in MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – A mother has been accused of slitting her 5-year-old’s throat, she said she wanted to "release the demons" from his body, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. 
Daphne Octavia Spurlock is charged with attempted capital murder.
Magnolia police and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a welfare check of a child on Roy Lane, just off FM 1488, shortly after midnight. His father advised authorities he believed his son was dead inside a residence.Police located the 5-year-old Michael Spurlock covered in blood on the floor of the small mobile home.

He had multiple lacerations to his throat, which was slit from ear to ear. He also had a severe head injury and his chest is allegedly crushed.Authorities said the boy’s mother admitted to stomping him in the face and chest area, then using a large kitchen knife to slit his throat.
Michael was rushed to the Food Basket parking lot where the Magnolia Fire Department set up a landing zone for a Life Flight helicopter. He was then airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition.

Kim and Kanye, Ready To Exchange Vows?

Rumors are flying high with talk about  marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, as a gift for Kim's 32nd birthday. It's been rumored, that Kayne has indeed been spotted out and about looking at ring's, now don't get me to gossipin' this information is not a fact for now, it's merely hear say. However, sources close to the Kardsashian camp has told TMZ that there just may be some truth in the rumors that are floating around.
As Wellsink reported earlier this month the duo has known one another for quite sometime but it never seemed to be the right time for the pair to commit to one another. We have all watched Kim and her plentiful relationship's start off with a bloom and die just as fast as they begin to grow.
With the Ray J sex tape, the Reggie Bush and the list goes on and on, It's finally good to see Kim in a good place with someone.
But wait, does the public think that Kim is ready to take that plunge again being that her marriage to Chris lasted all of seventy something day's? Could her marriage to Chris been a publicity stunt as everyone assumed, or does Kim continue to look for love in all the wrong places?
Only Kim knows the real answer to that question, however, when it comes to her and Kayne, I really do believe that they are both gaga for one another, only because these two did not just meet, this relationship has been in the making since they both were in high school.
I say if the Rumor is true, congratulations Kayne and Kim, may you find all the happiness you both are in search of in each other.

Katt Williams, Released On Gun Charges, After Being Detained By Authorities

Looks as if Fazion snitchin' way's, made no impact on Katt's life, he has been released and all charges have been dropped from allegations of pulling a gun out on Fazion Love over a 50,000 debt that Fazion has accused Katt of owing him.
Katt had this to say upon his release " People are only gang affiliated when the gang is present, and when the gang isn't around, people rush in club's and call the police on 5'3, little me."
Katt is hella crazy, all while TMZ is interviewing him after his release from jail, he goes on to state that the police treated him fair, and the facility was clean.. it was nice...
Now I'm not sure if TMZ reps realized that Katt was being sarcastic in saying that, the Facility was clean and his stay was nice, but I sure caught on to it. As for you Fazion, Stop Snitchin!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Katt Williams Pulled Gun Out On Fazion Love Over $50,000 Debit

Allegedly, Katt Williams pulled his gun out on Fazion Love outside a Hollywood Night club Tuesday night.
Fazion states that he was parking his car near Supperclub, when he saw Katt Williams and that's when the heated argument began over a $50,000  debt allegedly, Katt owes Fazion.
Love, states that's when Katt went to his car to retrieve his pistol. I guess Katt feels he dosen't Owe anyone shit! Katt spoke volumes to Fazion when he allegedly pulled his gun out on Love.
Here is my take on that whole argument, whatever monies that is or is not owed to Love should be handled in the most appropriate manner, meaning if you feel that you are owed money Fazion then take the appropriatete measeures and take Katt to court. You both are making great substantial amounts of money, don't let these people see you guys sweat, stop giving them what they on black crime!!
As for you Fazion, you are entirely way too big to be runnin' round Youtube, talking about Chris Stokes raped you outside of McDonalds!? First and far most, I would have never aired that out loud..It just don't sound or look right, you tellin' the world that you were rapped by any man..How yo big, bearly ass let any man rape you?For me to understand that in my mind, you would have already had to have had some suga in ya tank to allow little ass Chris Stokes wrestle you to the ground in a parking lot of McDonalds at that.
This issue with money and the black community in the Hip Hop Industry as well as the Entertainment world p has gotten way out of control..What will we hear next? Tyler perry is gay?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now That's Real!!

 Your as real as the hair I have weaved in my head, don't come round me wit that tongue wresrlin shit, my mouth will tear you to shred's, have ya leavin the building witcha feelin's all hurt, have ya stuck on stupid like that nigga "Joe Dirt" Imma bish dish'n out lyrical assassin shit!I'm the one who put out that hit! Claimin your the realest on each side of town, but the first cat runnin' when the shit go down.
Lyin about all the shit you claimed to have done way back in the day, you even lied about selling yay!!
You ain't Neva owned no house up in Oakland Hills, runnin round town  yellin, you pushin bitches,stackin money, nigga,you sit in the back of the club every weekend tootin' blow, and poppin pills!
Don't make ah bish like me, go way bad on you, exposin' all the dirty shit that you do! I said it ta ya face, now ima say on screen, I'm not wet behind my ear's nor am I green! I do what I say, and I say what I mean, don't make me putcha on blast fa that shit that you did that you thought you left behind scenes..
Salty? Mad? because you don't want to phuck with me??
Aww, naw you got the game phucked up! I turned you down repeatedly, Mad, I could Neva be, you ain't even my cup of tea, let's be honest, are you really mad because I wouldn't let you taste me,after flashin' all that money, didn't get no honey, got played by a real life Playboi Bunny, turned you out, turned you down! Played yaself all away around, now look who's mad..ain't that you? Stuck 0n stupid.. Now look at chew!!

Lol..I got issues..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

BMA Las Vegas 2012

   BMA Nominees Las Vegas 2012

Congradulation's to all that were nominated for one of the most Reconized Awards, to be obtained by a Artist

"Camryn Levert"

Last night marked another remarkable night in  Las Vegas  BMA Spotlight Awards Nominees. The red carpet was laid out and the Nominess all came out to claim their award, that they may have possibly won. There is more to report on this event and photo's to follow! Only here on Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" Brought to you by Keshia Wells



Saturday October 13, 2012 Tuscany Casino Suites Grand Ballroom
Red Carpet Arrival: 7:00 p.m. Showtime: 8:00 p.m.
CALL 424 225 2783 FOR TICKETS!

o Jamestown
o Block Party
o Tough Act To Follow
o Rhythm Nation
o Mocca
o Skye5
o Billy Ray Charles
o Michael Grimm
o Chris Oldfield
o Lady J Huston
o Donna Lynne

o Corro Van Such Band
o Cool Mist
o Syd The Kid & Friends
o Brothers Ali

o David Van Such
o Sid The Kid
o Adrian Burse
o Enrico Corro
o Skip Martin
o Phil Flowers
o Reggie Gonzales
o Terry Forsyth
o Lou Ragland
o Tyriq
o Fate Kent
o Kenny “Flex” Wilcox
o Ricco Diamante

o Paris Red
o Skye D. Miles
o Jin Jin Reeves
o Racheal Kapp Martin
o Ane
o Emme-K
o Giavonni
o Rizza (JAM)
o Rheda K
o Michelle Johnson
o Genevieve Dew

o Michael Thomas
o Bo Barrington
o Reggie Gonzales
o Stone Paxton
o Andre (Showtime)
o Money Stone
o Kenney “Flex” Wilcox
o Next Movement

o Gordon Biersch
o Eagle One Promotions
o The Cellar

o Ricco Diamante
o Rhythm Nation
o Queens Of Motown
o Jamestown
o Sky Dede Miles
o Genevieve Dew
o Next Movement
o Silk, Satin, Lace

o Menopause
o Gladys Knight Show (Tropicana)
o Hitzville starring Jin Jin Reeves
o MJ Tribute (Rio)
o Michael Jackson (Cirque Du Soleil)

o Phil Flowers
o Jin Jin Reeves
o Sly Rupert (Rick James)
o The Blue Caps
o Original Stone City Band

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did Lil Wayne and Stevie J Share a intimate kiss?

Have we now embarked upon a day and age, when yes, some women still feel jealous when it comes to their mates? You know that awful, ugly,"green eyed monster" Jealousy.. we have all been guilty of that crazy emotion. Being jealous of a Co-Worker or anyone else one may be spending ample enough time with. As a Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Husband and wife, those emotions can emerge when some one of the opposite sex is spending way too much time, with the Co-worker i.e.. or whomever the individual may be, and less and less time with the spouse.
Through out time, there have been a numerous of women and men equal, that have received that ever so enlightening phone call from the mistress or lover that the spouse has been having a intimate affair with, clearly advising you, that the relationship you have with YOUR spouse is over and that he or she will now be moving in and to loose the number because, just like the address changed the number will too...
That phone call is bad enough isn't it? now how do you think a spouse feels that has been married for over 20 years, has his lover phone his home to tell her, that the man that she had shared so many year's with..her husband, was now his husband. That has to be a devastating blow when we have now entered into a world where a nigga can call your house and tell you how your man has been suckin and fukin on him all weekend and how good it was?! I'm lost. Has time's changed that much?
I have a theory for  all you women who may be wondering "Where did we go wrong as a generation of women?" First thing's first: Take absolutely no responsibility for the action's of anyone!
and secondly: It has always been my knowledge that same sex relationship's have been in existence forever, it was just never a up for debate type of discussion, it was hush,hush. I mean, people will get mad when I say this, however, being in a same sex relationship carried a lot of heat as well as hate behind it back in the day, so if one were to be in a relationship with one of the same sex, then that person was running the risk of being hurt really bad, and might I add " some of those hate crime beatings against the Gay Community has even resulted in death. Now a  day's you can catch the Lil Waynes and Stevie J's openly showing affection as these two did at the Miami concert a few days.

In the Early 80's if you can recall, they made a huge deal of all the "Bath Houses" that were located throughout the San Francisco, Ca region, we saw the gay community become the blame for AIDS existing, People thought that if you made contact with a HIV/AIDS victim then they thought they would ultimately contract the disease, therefore isolating the gay community, the people were outraged at the Community, and wanted, needed to blame the AIDS epidemic on someone, so the Gay Community was targeted. Many lost their lives to the deadly disease.And continue to do so.Statistics state that AIDS is seen more in the black community, due to same sex relationships.Can you see a little more clearly now? I will continue to turn the windshield wipers of truth on, until you can see through clear view vision.

Now here we are in 2012 and you have some boys/men that when makeup is applied they're actually prettier then a female ( not in all cases, only a couple of you guy's, don't get all flamboyant on me and shit)
So yes, the times are changing and people are too, we are forever evolving. So why is it so hard for our society to accept same sex relationships? I think that it's not the same sex thing that is killing it for the women, for us I think it's more that everyone is coming up and out of the closet, well..where does that leave the women? and for the men that are straight, they don't understand what can turn a real solid nigga into a soft little ass princess. We may never know the answer to that, but in the meantime of us knowing this information, what will we do with it? Will we teach our children to become advocates of hate crimes? in one breath we are teaching them to love everyone of all race, color's, creed, and religion.
Should we just let people be? because really at the end of the day.. Your entitled to love whomever makes you happy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today Is The Day Hollywood Comes Out Of The Closet!

Today is"National Coming Out Day" in Hollywood, the day for everyone in the city of  "Glitz and Glam" to come out of the closet and be happy about their sexuality,regardless of whom it may be that you love.. Hey, I say if you are a woman in love with another woman, then do you, and if your a man in love with another man, then shit, so be it, if that's what floats your boat.. Who are we to judge what you do with your vagina or penis in your spare time, behind your closed doors?
I think that this is a great day because it enables the people to see, just how much the world has changed. There was a time where being a lesbian or homosexual was hush,hush and to display any type of affection towards one another in public was a absolute no,no.
Now a day's it's so open and so talked about that Homosexual and Lesbian relationships are in fact acceptable in our society today, why is it that in other countries one could be castrated or worse lose their life for being in a same sex relationship. Is it wrong for the people of our society to judge who one loves?
I think the problem we are facing is that we have had a generational change, where things that use to be abnormal are now normal, because that is how it was designed to be.
Have you ever heard of Genocide? it's when a group or organizations tries to keep the world population under control by determining how many people can actually reside here on this big round earth, when this number gets to large, people in high places feel that it is essential to keep the population at a state that is easy to control.
So when we begin to enter into these same sex relationships it becomes impossible to pro-create, and isn't that what the bottom line is? To control the worlds population? and what better way in doing so,by putting the same sex together in a relationship, "Hmm..we'll just see if you bring a child in this world", it almost appears as if that's the message that is being sent out to the it is now wrong for a man and a woman to be together. Have we all forgotten what was written, The Most High created a woman so that man would not be alone..
You guy's I am not here to judge you because it is not my place, however, just because some one has told you that it is okay to be in love with the same sex, does not mean that they are right.I am not the Most High, so I do not judge, however, I do know a few thing's, if we as the American People do not open our eye's and begin to see Everything for what it is, then my people, we are headed for big trouble, pay attention to the lyrics in the music you are listening to, pay attention to the movies you are paying your hard earned dollars to see.
If we the people do not wake up and really, really soon, we will not be prepared for what is now about to transpire, we "Will" begin to see thing's that are not explainable or believable because we have not been looking through clear seeing glasses!
Gather together love one another, because a New World Order, is on the horizon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kim and Kayne Making Plans To Purchase Home In Miami

Yes, it's true. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially begun their house hunting, sources close to the couple state that they have been talking about getting a home together for a few months now and have now decided to find a home in Miami, since they both love the city. For those of you who may not be aware, Kim and Kayne have known one another for a very long time. The couple has always had love for one another, however it was never really the right time for the duo to link up, until now, and from the looks of things, Kanye may just be what the doctor has ordered for Kim. I'm glad to see that Kim is finally happy with a man she truly cares about, and as for her Ex- Reggie, well looks as though he has some good news to share as well. He is now expecting his first child and is highly hoping for a boy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jay-Z 8th Night At The Barclays Center in Brooklyn Last Night!

Last night Jay-Z brought the house down with his 8 night Barclays Center series and the man of the hour brought the flyest chic in the game to Brooklyn with him..his wife.
Beyonce and Solange was spotted having VIP floor seats..
Jay-z rocked the mic with his "On to the next one" while Beyonce shakes it out to the song. Jay's performance was quoted by one concert goer as being "epic!"
My favorite part of the night was when Jay-z and Beyonce sang "Forever Young" together/
I think at this point, I'm going to have to agree with the concert goer..last night was truly epic!

Read more: the n-love-barclays-video#ixzz28dFivcp1

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Family Tree "The Roots That Are Buried Deep"

Coffee protected Cassie, and she loved her like a sister, like.. Cassie's own little sister Diamond, even though they grew up, and may have grown apart, Cassie loved Diamond, even now the movie Color Purple, still brought tears to her eyes, Cassie had thought back to a memory that made her smile from ear to ear, it was the part in the movie where the sister was being rapped by that no good decrepit old ass man, and the two sister's were in the deep fields, because the sister had been running away from being rapped any longer, and she thought of how her and her own little sister had played that hand and song game when they were younger as well.. Hmm, looking back on that memory always brought her to tears, yes, she loved Diamond, Cassie would have never dreamed that they would become strangers as time went on.
Cassie felt that when her sister reached of age, they would be as close even closer then her and Coffee had been, through Coffee, Cassie saw the importance of family. They were loving, caring and genuinely concerned about one another, always going above and beyond the call of duty for one another. Coffee knew first hand that Cassie was all alone on the streets she had also seen first hand, just how cruel and heartless some families could be.
"Who you tryin' to call Cass," Coffee said, with a look of concern on her face, she loved her best friend and could always tell when something wasn't sittin right with her homegirl. "Shit, my mom, I need to get out to San Jose to check on her, I haven't called her in a while she might be worried about me," Cassie said,
" Cassie, ya moms is on that ,yay, and even though she loves you, her mind ain't where you need it to be to keep you from being locked up, the judge already told you if you fuck up and show your face in his court room one more time they sendin ya ass to Y.A. shit they don't know what else to do with been to the ranch failed that program, you run from all your placements, and can't nobody find ya moms, shit even the number she gave  you is off, Cass, don't go back to San Jose.. what imma do with out my "Blood Sista," Coffee said, she knew that the way shit went down in the city, that she would have to remain on the low. By this time Coffee was six month pregnant by Black and she was happy, she had calmed down on the licks and  lettin rounds off, she had become soft, mother and woman hood was the name of this game. A month before she was to give birth to her daughter she was popped on the murder rap and the robbery, the good news was, she was not charged for the murder because they caught the cat that killed the nigga, the bad news was Coffee had been popped on 6 other bank raps, so guess what,they gave Coffee 75 years in CIW because new evidence came out surrounding a stabbing victim around another robbery case, where a woman was stabbed in her back and her face slashed open, Coffee wasn't the one who stabbed the woman, yet she never told a soul who the real offender was.
After Coffee had got locked up, Cassie returned to her old stomping grounds, San Jose, CA
she needed to see a few dogs about some trick ass cats so off to Seven Tees Cassie went.

The Family Tree "The Roots That Are Buried Deep"

Three day's after that phone call, Cassie found herself on her way back to California, the same way she had arrived, by train, it would be a three day ride, which was fine by her, she needed time to think, she had to come up with a plan and fast. She had purchased a one way ticket to Los Angeles "Boss Angeles" is what Cassie called the city of Angels, she loved it there, everything was so glamorous, so rich, but what Cassie really loved about the City, was all of the beaches, and there were many beaches to choose from. If you were the type who wanted to sun bathe in the nude, they had a beach for it, if you wanted to have a spin on the board walk all while enjoying the pleasures of the water and waves..well.. there was a beach for that too. Cassie placed her ear phones on her ears as she turned up her new Whitney Houston tape... "You give good love" was loudly blaring in her ears, she turned from the picture size window she had been glazing out of, and leaned back to allow Whitney to sing her to sleep. Cassie could feel her self falling in deeper into a unconscious sleep state, she allowed her mind to rewind back the hands on the clock to
The very first time she had ever gotten locked up, she thought at that moment that she would give anything to be walking on the hot sand instead of being handcuffed and thrown in a shoe box jail cell..
"What you in for?"  the big ugly bitch said as the consuler locked the door and turned out of ear shot.."VOP" Cassie said, which was short for violation of probation. " How many times you been in?" the bitch said, Cassie took no time to asking the big bitch what her name was, because she looked and talked like a man, Cassie already knew what time it was..and in her mind it was time to go! as soon as she seen the manly bitch lying on the bottom bunk. Cassie never did answer her question, she jumped onto the top bunk and thought, all she wanted was to close her eyes and go to sleep, she felt a real bad migraine coming on.
Shift change was over and it was quiet in the Hall, Cassie could feel the bed beneath her shaking uncontrollably. Nine times out of ten if you had made it to the Hall then you fucked up some where along the way and it was now time to pay the piper, so in essence kids from all types of walks would walk the Halls of juvy, there were murderer's, thief's, robbers, runaways and just the plain ole misfits of society. Cassie felt that was the class she fell under..a misfit..not wanted by her family and being a loner made for a horrible time at the Hall. She would get made fun of because she was overweight, or she wasn't pretty enough, her family never came to see her and the list went on, she was even made fun of for receiving a welfare check while can only get that when they have no family to claim them.
Later on that night as she lay on her top bunk, feeling the bed move vigorously, once the bunk bed had stopped moving Cassie knew that the big manly bitch had completed her mission, she had been masturbating and Cassie was glad the bitch was done. She kept wishing that she could be in a cell by herself so she didn't have to deal with all the sickos that past through the Halls.
Cassie found herself drifting off, when the manly bitch jumped off her bottom bunk and snatched the blankets off of Cassie, she began to try and pry her legs apart with one hand all while trying to force the fingers from her right hand inside Cassie's vagina.
This night would turn Cassie into the beast she was known on the streets for.. Cassie maneuvered her way out of the big bitch grasp by head butting her, something she learned while running with a Blood gang out of L.A. the bitch fell to the ground and Cassie began pounding on the door to gather the Consuler's attention who was on night duty.
Cassie was removed that night and placed in a cell alone until the following day, Cassie would find herself with one more roommate that she would beat the shit out of by ramming her head repeatedly into a metal locker, She caught more time..but hey, she never had to share space with another bitch again, after the last incident the consulers had written in a log that every time Cassie stepped foot in the Halls, she was to be placed in a cell by herself, which turned out to be room one on the odd side of the Hall, every time.

The trip from Ohio to Cali was a long one, but worth the ride, it gave her enough time to gather her thoughts, and to come up with a plan. Cassie found herself staying with a good friend she had met the first time she went to the Hall..Coffee and Cassie had grown to be real close. Coffee was who jumped her in, well Coffee and three other girls, Cassie thought back on that day, they all had thought she was going to just lay there and accept a beat down by four chics..yea ok..Cassie thought,imma give these chics a run for their money, and got dammit, that's just what she the time those three minutes were over two of them bitches was dazed and on the ground and Coffee was giving her props!!
Coffee and Cassie had grown to be close, they hit licks together, they shot at mufukas together..two boss hogs makin' bitches bow down to them, at one point in time, they had two chics on the track, they thought they were on top of the have a bitch sellin ass fa another what part of the game was that!
Yea, Coffee put Cassie on, I mean she taught Cassie the blood game, the dope Game, and how to be a Pimpstress all the chics from the hood either they wanted to be like the close friends or they wanted to fight them. Cassie and Coffee found themselves fighting and shooting at niggas and bitches. Cassie was having fun.
Coffee was the one to go to when you had money issues, because Coffee was known throughout the hood for constructing bank robberies everyone went to her for all the low, low..for instance she knew when it would be the perfect time to  hit a bank up, on down to the officer that was working what beat on what night.
Coffee was really funny on who she gave her information out to as well as who she would bring in her circle.
One night Coffee got a phone call from one of the homies about anotha nigga that was lookin' for some work. Coffee not knowin who the nigga was told the big homie, we can do the lick together and all he gotta do is break me and my crew off, but Coffee wasn't going to give this nigga all her work to be left out in the cold and hungry.
Later that night, the crew slid on to 80th and Dinker at the light a baby blue box Chev began to let off rounds in the car, noone knew at the time, but the nigga that Coffee and her crew went to hit the lick with had just rapped Crazy's sister and killed Crazy, both were the big homies from the hood. One bullet struck the nigga in the head and he slumped over to his left side as blood and brain matter gushed out everywhere. Cassie was scared as hell, yea, sure her and Coffee had been involved in some crazy shit but nothing like this. Coffee and the crew dumped the car and hit the lick.
The next day word was out that the police was lookin for Coffee regarding a murder and a bank robbery.

The Game Done Knocked The Livin Shid Up Outta 2Eleven At Lil Waynes Birthday Bash?!!!

The Game has knocked the dog shid out of rapper 2Eleven at Lil Waynes birthday bash last week. 2Eleven stated, he had no idea Game even wanted to fight him -- but last Thursday at Weezy's 30th birthday celebration at a Hollywood nightclub, 2Eleven says Game sucker punched him out of nowhere in the back of the head. TMZ posted video footage of the aftermath.2Eleven says it came as a total shock -- because he had been sitting at the same table with Game, Birdman, Chris Brown and others for a full hour with no problems  and not a mufukin word rolled off his tongue.
There has been no further reports as to why the duo were even involved in a physical altercation in the first place.
Listen we, your fans have no idea what's going on behind steel doors in the Rap industry, however I will say this, we have come a long way as African American people, there have been our four father's who has made it possible for us to even have alot of the freedoms and luxury's that we now have today.
Don't let money change you, don't be a slave to the industry, do you guy's really think at the end of the day they give two fucks about you, me, or anyone else for that matter?

All the industry wants is for you to be their puppet, for you to kill one another off so when the time come's for the real chaos, there will be too many dead and buried to fight the ultimate fight?
Love one another, respect one another..quit letting these people who could care less about us at the end of the day, determine who you are as a person, don't let the industry diminish the values your parents have instilled in you. Be your own man, use your own judgement and most of all.. Repent! I love all my brother's black or white that's in this game, because what people don't know.... is that there is so much more to this industry that beats the seeing eye.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...