Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Rollin 80z!!

It was the Mid 1980's, the year of the "Curl." A time when thing's were not so complicated! And the only violence was when after the bell rang, how it seemed as though the whole school ran around the corner, just to see, two individuals come together to shove or shout their point across. Occasionally, from time to time, you would actually get to witness a fight that was worth talking about for week's to come..
Funny, I can recall a time when we were able to dye our hair with Kool-aid... And it actually worked! You guys remember that? Come on... don't leave me hanging,I couldn't have been the only one...
Okay, if the dying you're hair with Kool-aid, thing didn't jog your memory, tell me if this rings a bell.. putting a pair of perfectly good jeans in a bath tub with bleach and water, to create the illusion of Acid wash jeans... Yep,I admit it.. Keep it real, you did it too.
These were the years that children knew what position to play, speak when spoken to and absolutely no sitting around grown folks while they were talking, this was a huge no, no.!
Remember how your parents or Big Mama would have you pull your own switch to be whipped with when you got out of line?
What about those long Sundays that you were made to sit in church for hours at a time.. Looking back now, those were the good old day's...
how many of you want those days back?

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