Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Family Tree "The Root's That Are Buried Deep"

Daevon would experience something even sinister then that when he reached adult hood, the crime that got him sent to prison for the remainder of his life, was so sinister that it shook the leaves off the "Family Tree."

Cassie left Janis home the night of the fight, it had been snowing and Cassie hadn't a clue where she would be laying her head next, she was from California and had never been to Ohio outside of when she was born there. The snow was cold, and the wind seemed to be enjoying slapping the shit outta her with it's friendly, cold, winter, sting and as Cassie walked around the snowy narrow streets, she began to hear her mother tell her the stories play in her head of how her and her siblings had to walk 5 miles in the snow to get to school. Right at that moment, Cassie wasn't sure if her mom was making that story up , because in the back of her mind there would have been no way in hell that she was going to walk no 5 miles no where in this shit!
Cassie, combed the neighborhood one more good time before running into one of her older cousins friends he went to school with..
"Cassie, wait up, Shawn, called out, she couldn't quite make his face out because the streets had been very dark, but Cassie also knew that she was only familiar with two people in Lima, it wasn't the teenage girl she had met day's earlier, so it had to have been Shawn. Cassie paused in the knee high snow, freezing her high yellow ass off! "Boi, if you don't hurry up, shit, it's fukin cold out here," Cassie said, with a sly grin on her face. "I'm comin', I'm comin," Shawn said as he playfully threw a handful of snow  at Cassie "Where you comin from Cass?" shit.. me and Daevon just got in a fight and Janis put me out of her house,"
"Word?"said Shawn " "yep, I don't care, I don't want to be here any longer anyways, I want to go back to California," Cassie said with tears filling up in her eyes
"Where are you going to go now, being that Janis put you out," said Shawn
Cassie knew that she had no where to go, she refused to call Kirp and the rest of her family was too far, she thought of ways that she could get back home, but was too far out of her element. She thought to herself, why did she agree to come to this ugly, god awful place..and just as quickly as she had forgotten, she remembered, she had already did a year in the hall, her family didn't want her and the system didn't want to place her back in a home because they felt she would run from placement, she had every time before and this time would have been no different. Cassie hated those homes, she thought back on the time when she was placed in a foster home in Campbell, Ca ..Marg... what a bitch!! she had her biological grandchild in the home as well as one other girl.. both of the girls Cassie knew right away from the Hall, and was relived to know that it would be someone she was familiar with in the home.
What Cassie didn't expect was being the odd ball, because the other girl had been in the home longer, Cassie was the outsider, again having to fight to prove herself she finally gained the acceptance of the girls in the home.. With Marg is where Cassie smoked her first cigarette, drank her first class of alcohol (It was then Cassie knew she wouldn't be a big fan of the liquid nasty substance) and even where she took her first hit of Acid and PCP.
Cassie thought back on how she acted and how long she was high after she had experimented with the PCP, crawling in the middle of the street telling parked cars to stop, Cassie remembered she had been high 3 days and when she came down , she found, yet again another drug that would not be on the menu..ever in her life again!
Shawn walked in silence with Cassie, both not knowing where their destination would be, Shawn had asked Cassie all that he could think of.. "Can you call your grandmother?" Shawn said, "nah, I don't plan on staying, and I don't want to worry NaNa, she's too old for all this..and like I said, I don't plan on staying here, I'm going back to Cali," Cassie said, with every bit of conviction in her voice.
After walking around, what seemed like the whole little ass city of Lima,Ohio, Cassie and Shawn spotted a near by park and decided to take comfort there for a while, Cassie felt comfortable confiding in Shawn she learned how to read people in and out, Cassie was sharp, just like Tina in many way's, she didn't take no shit, Cassie wasn't always angry, violent and hostile.. she was a humble child with a good heart, she wanted and desperately needed to be needed, she wanted validation of who she was, and most of all Cassie felt she needed the guidance of her parents, Cassie wasn't getting that, she got alot, of negativity, she was made out to be a no good, lying,thief that was tossed to the Wolves to be eaten alive!
Cassie wasn't a bad kid at all, granted Cassie knew in her heart that she wasn't or shouldn't be stealing from stores and people, but that was how she lived, for Cassie there was no warn bed to sleep in at night, there were McDonald's bathrooms pushing the hand drier to keep warm sleeping under newspaper's. It was horrible, but what else did she have?
It was the early "80s" and Crack Cocaine hit the street hard, a lot of children lost their parents to this drug, Crack was a bad motha fuka and it fa damn sure didn't show no love or mercy to no one.. that shit had people robbing,killing, stealing, hoeing, suckin dick for a hit..yes, men were suckin dick for a hit too, it just wasn't spoken out-loud.
"I got a idea," Shawn eagerly shouted out "why don't you just stay in my house in my room until you leave,"
Cassie knew that this kid wasn't going to hurt her, that night they had walked and talked about everything, he told Cassie things about him that no one else knew and she told him things, like the incident with Kirp. That night Shawn and Cassie would form a Friendship that could never be broken.. Cassie always felt that Shawn had a crush on her, but he never acted on it and always respected Cassie.
It had been a week since Shawn had brought Cassie in from refuge and Shawn still had not mustered up enough courage to tell his mother that he had a girl living in his room.
One night Shawn had been in the shower and Cassie had been hanging out in his room until he completed his shower, when she heard his mother coming up the stairs and it sounded as if she was headed right for Shawn's room..she was, Cassie thought fast. she quickly jumped off of the bed and right into the closet of Shawn, he foot had been hanging out so she pulled a random shoe out of the corner of the closet and there she saw an exposed human foot, leaving the room screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs thinking that her son had done something sinister.
It was now time to face the music, Shawn and Cassie explained the whole situation to his mother, who in turned felt really bad about the situation, she had advised Cassie that she was going to call her mother in California and advise her that Cassie was okay and under her care and that she could stay there with her until Tina purchased her a ticket back to Cali... Tina turned her daughter away one more time by telling Shawn's mother, she didn't want her she could keep Cassie and would be sending Cassie's birth certificate to her as to allow the woman to enroll Cassie in school..
Cassie's heart sank to her stomach.
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