Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Family Tree " The Root's That Are Buried Deep!" Chapter 2

Cassie knew that the living arrangements with her mother wasn't going to last. By this time the drugs and the alcohol had taken over in such a way, that she was no longer functioning as a rational mother, but rather an emotionally unstable woman. Cassie loved her mother, there was no doubt about that! no one Betta not speak a ill word of Cassie's mother, or that would of been all she wrote.
Cassie thought back to when the courts had sent her all the way from California to Ohio to reside with at the time she thought was her father. It was during this stay that she found out that Kirp was not her biological father.. She learned this when he was pushing his penis inside of her..
Cassie, never did wake up in that house in Columbus, Ohio another day, but instead, she ordered Kirp to take her to her Aunts home the sister of her mother, Janis, who lived in Lima, Ohio.
Kirp made sure that he sent hush money to Janis house weekly, of course Cassie never saw a fuckin dime of that hush money. Janis, never knew what Kirp had done and Cassie never offered that information to her, even if Cassie did tell Janis, it would have never mattered, the family that Cassie was born into, swept alot of things under the rug..from incest to abuse on down, Yes, Cassie knew that her family was sick! She learned that at a early age.
During her stay at her Aunt Janis home, there was trouble on the horizon there as well. Kirp, had advised Cassie that he would be sending the money to her every week, he never once said that the money was to keep quiet about the molestation, however it was assumed that's why he was sending Cassie the money..he wasn't her Father, and he had molested her, so he didn't care about her.. what else could the money have been for?
Janis, never knew that Cassie knew the money was coming in the mail and she was putting it in her pocket, and then on this one particular snowy night..the shit had hit the fan..Cassie found her cousin.Janis son Daevon, going through her suitcase of belongings.When they were younger Daevon and Cassie would fist fight all the time, and by Cassie being in the Hall and fighting so much, she learned to beat the shit up out a bitch or man, it didn't matter if they was hungry fa some shit, then Cassie was gone feed they ass! Janis broke the fight up..but not before putting Cassie and mother down..Cassie picked up a bat that was located by Janis door and went to smash her in the head for down playing her mother..
Janis was always jealous of Tina, because Tina was everything that Janis wanted to be, but wasn't. Tina was made of class and elegance and even though Tina did her thang..People never knew.
Tina morals and values always remained the same. There were things that Tina was not going to do, she had pride, she spoke with such elegance and grace, always weaning the best, her hair long, black and beautiful. Tina was 5'2 but would go toe to toe wit a motha fucka like she was 6'2
Yes, indeed Janis had a jealous heart, when Tina bought a purse, Janis would go out and but the same exact purse that Tina bought.
Out of all the sister's Janis was the lease attractive, she bore dark rings of death around her eye's, to be around her, was to know what evil felt like, she dibbled in witchcraft, in fact alot of them did, but Tina, no, she was cut from a different cloth from the rest of then, she brought light when they lived in darkness, she brought peace, but she too suffered from being raped.
It all seemed like a cycle a vicious cycle , Cassie swore when she got older she would expose them for what and who those people really were, Cassie knew and over heard and seen a lot over the year's. A lot of horrific thing's were allowed to happen and were blatantly swept under the rug.."Ssshh.. don't say anything" type of situations. On more then one occasion, one of Tina's siblings, should have longed been arrested, Janis wont admit it out loud, but when Daevon was a young boy,she burnt the back of his hands up by placing them on a gas burner.
This family had issues, Cassie shuddered at the thought of how painful that must of been for him and how scared he was.
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