Saturday, September 8, 2012

Did Beyonce Knowles Fake Her Pregnancy, And Now Seriously Walking About With A Fake Baby?!

Seems as if Beyoncé is beginning to look like a fake and a lier in her publics eyes. We've all heard the rumor of her pregnancy being a hoax, now.. Get this.. Supposedly Blue Ivy is a reborn doll that emulates a human baby,
It has been reported that these reborn baby dolls can only be purchased by the rich.
In a interview she had given overseas, her inflatable stomach was caught on tape, folding and crumbling over as she sat down in a chair ( See attached link)
It's been stated that the reason she pulled such a stunt, was because the Rihanna's and Niki Minajis were stealing her thunder and needed to do something drastic to draw attention to her quick!
It is also rumored that it is something sinister about the
"Reborn" baby.. One thing that did catch my attention, and that was, in none of the pictures that I saw of J and B, neither one of them had wedding rings on, it may be nothing, but for a power couple of this kind, that proclaim to be so in love, you would think the duo would be rocking matching wedding bands or something like that, It just struck me as odd, but there was something else I came across.. It was Beyonce on camera asking the Most High, why has he given this life to her.. All while crying. It appears as if she hears someone coming, and quickly puts a smile on her face, as if she wasn't just sobbing into the camera, nose red, eyes watery and all!
I'm not a big time buffer on gossip, however, I must say that I have done some research on this topic, and even I have to admit, that something isn't right about the so called pregnancy or the child. Don't trust my word or anyone else's for that matter, please do the research yourself. There is something that is being hid from the public and people better begin to pay attention to the signs and begin to believe in something before the end of 2012!! Because despite what you may believe in, there are thing's here on this earth, that we can not see, feel, or touch! You better pray to the Most High, or whoever you pray to, because if damnation were to hit at 12:00pm, then it's 11:55 and you better be ready when it happens!

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