Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not Worth Two Pennies Rubbed Together To Start A Forest Fire!

In our pursuit of happiness for this perfect relationship that some of us may be in search of, we often tend to forget what the ultimate goal may be, and that is to find that perfect fairytale that in one point in our lives, we all have dreamed of.
But is it all that easy? I mean to find that perfect mate, that is able to stimulate you on a mental level. Either we have the bar raised to high or the bar is set way too low. What is it about a woman that will leave her choosing the wrong man time and time again? Maybe this woman needs to feel secure and protected by the man she has her eye on and if she doesn't feel that protection early on.. it could leave her feeling as if she isn't dealing with a man, but rather a wimp! and believe you me, no woman wants to go to bed with a big mushy teddy bear at the end of the day.. shoot.. you tell me..who wants a man that goes running and screaming out of the front door when he figures out that there has been an intruder that just broke into your home.. Not a good look at all.. that just means that you need to raise the bar in the men that you are settling for.. that type of a man is called a coward..and in my eyes is what I would call a instant turn off!
What about the man who doesn't mind sitting at home watching soaps, smoking bud, getting drunk, BBQ'n on a weekday, for no apparent reason, might I add, while your busting your fingers to the bone at work for 8-12 hours a day, for him to turn around and ask you on Your Payday " can he hold something?" Yea.. you can.. the door on your way out, because I don't need another child to take care of.
Men, I have not forgotten about you, and all the B.S. that you may put up with in your pursuit of happiness. Let's talk about the women who have their eyes set on the man who's holding down the job as a Construction Worker, Truck Driver, Physician, Lawyer, or maybe
this particular man is in the entertainment business. It's always amazing to me how quickly a woman will " fall so deeply in love with this man in such a short amount of time" you know the woman that you meet and you tell her in one of your very first conversations, that you are not interested in becoming a parent, either at all or in the near future, but the next thing you know.. she's blowing your phone up, talking about, you guy's need to figure out what your going to do about the baby she just learned she will be giving birth to in the next nine month!! WTF! you know that's what he is thinking as this type of woman keeps rambling on about a baby, that Child Support will gladly,rip you a new ass for, as soon as this type of woman labels you as the father on the birth certificate that you may or may not sign.
How about that woman who refuses to get off her lazy ass and find a job to help you eliminate some of the stress from those ever so high bills that keep mounting up! This woman refuses to cook, clean, take care of herself, let alone the kids, sits around all month long waiting for the mail man to deliver her a check every month on the 1st.. "let's call this, mother's day" Bish.. if you don't get your lazy ass up and get a job and quit making up all the excuses of why you can't get a job.. I don't have a car, well Bish take the bus!, I don't have reliable childcare..humph.. well you better ask those same people that issue you a check every month for your local subsidized child care program.. to give you a hand up..because these men are tired of giving you a hand out.. Fellas, don't be mistaken.. there are still some great women out there doing great things.. raise your bar, if you think that a particular woman may be out of your element.. then I'd say to you reach for the stars! you never know..she may be just attracted in you as you are in her.. but for gods sake! whatever you do.. please quit making these bottom of the barrel Chic's, feel like they worth a million bucks, when they are not worth two pennies rubbed together to start a forest fire!!
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