Saturday, September 29, 2012

Letter to My Mother Ericka!!

I'm sorry ma, I know you taught me betta then that, but these nightmares that keep me awake at night, has got me throwed off track! I'm scared to close my, because of all the  demons I must face, shit..sometimes when I'm awake, I guess that's why I hate ah phony bish, got too much real shid on my plate.. I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me, but I see a black figure out the corner of my eye and when I turn to see who's there, it's like, this shadow that I know was there disappears in the sky..
My mama use to say, that there were things that I was too young to understand, but when I finally caught on, that I would play the right hand.. witchcraft, and evil is the den that they played in, cursing a family, kid's never stood a chance..
Doomed from the word go, the good being chased by evil.. Playing with that demon board, putting curses on ya ass, you better do right or you'll be the victim of witchcraft! Goose blood, and locks of hair being buried in the dirt, puttin spells on people,Ya'll don't care who you hurt..
Drugs are a curse and alcohol is too, open up your bible, and that's what it'll tell you.. 
Molestation, and incest a absolute sin! adultry and murder, the ultimate no win, mother's against daughter's,  father's against sons, look at all the evil this world has done.
Babies losing their life at  3 days of age, the Most High said we would turn to this page!
Kids are now openly gay, because that's who we have in government leading our way.
Mitt Romney wants to snatch women's rights away, take em back to the white is right,black slavery day's! that man's a demon, wit his mean fucked up way's!
This shid here ain't about a black or white thang, it's about makin currency all one "change"
Takin' over in a way you never thought the day you'd see, But believe it, destruction is headed for you and me.. 
I don't care what they say, damnation is near, you better kneel to whomever it is you pray! The world has gone crazy since you were last here, niggas eatin ear to ear,
A man opened fire in a movie theatre, killing babies and grown people too..Katrina, hit New Orleans, for day's what the fuck did they do?!
All these things are not a mistake, it was destined, it is our fate, everything we know is now at stake, we will now begin to see things that you thought were make believe, we'll soon see more of the Jeffrey Domer's, and this won't be TV.. 
This is the Era of aliens, and clones,shelter and safety domes, everything is coming up and out of the walls, thing's will begin to fall out of the open sky,sober mutha fuka, gone think that they high..
Ericka, I wanted you to know what's been going on since you left, since that evil prayed for your death.. your in a better place, so that I am grateful, no more will you hurt from all that's hateful.. I think I've been obedient as to what you said, I made good on one promise and that was to make it big, I promised you the last time we talked, that those incestuous people would not walk..What's done in the dark..WILL come to light my friend!
Dedicated to Ericka Marie Wells
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