Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kelsey Grammer Walk's Out On Peirce Morgan, Moment's Before Conducting His Interview

Kelsey Grammer was in no mood for jokes, after walking out on The Peirce Morgan show last night.
 Moments before the show was scheduled to air OMG!yahoo reports.This all came after Kelsey seen a picture of his third ex-wife Camille of "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills."
For those who are not aware Kelsey gave Camille her walking paper;s back in 2010, his marriage to Camille seemed to have  shed it;s last thread, when he began his relationship with now wife Kayte.
For those of you that may have been wondering just why their marriage denigrated after  13, years of marriage... well Kelsey simply had this to say" the marriage was over before it even got started, continuing on  to tell OMG! that he stayed as long as he did, out of being stubborn, I wasn't happy in or with the marriage," stated Kelsey.
Camille and Kelsey share two small children with one another, he has also stated that he does not see a mending of his and Camille's relationship anytime soon.
In this same interview with OMG! Grammer's fourth wife Kayte, whom Kelsey now shares a baby talked about being the other woman, and having had gotten involved with him, six months prior to him filing divorce from Camille in June 2010.. Bullshit.. I don't believe for one second that you
have any remorse at all.
Kayte, went on to say how terrible she feels..blah,blah,blah.. hey Kayte, surly you didn't feel anything , because if you had felt bad, you would have never cocked your legs open, never had gotten married to a man who's ink wasn't yet dry from the divorce from Camille..and you damn sure would have not had a child with him..Kayte tell me after doing all of that, how can you feel bad? You have shown the world..that frankly Ma don't give a damn!!
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