Friday, September 7, 2012

Keep Eating Random Shid, That Leaves A Bad Taste In Your Mouth!!

It's always amazing to hear women that have children always state that it's impossible for them to find a man because either they don't want the responsibility of raising another man's child our he just simply doesn't want to be bothered with children or with the man that once held the key to your heart and little does he know, you just may be harboring those old flames for the father of your child.
Now, let me tell you, how you buck it all up for the rest of the women who are faithful to the man that replaced "baby daddy" you see, it's not really the fact that he won't commit to you because you have children..he won't commit to you because he feels in the back of his mind that when he is not around, that surly you are whispering sweet nothings over the phone into the father or mother of your child's ear. Just as you did to him or her before you both got involved exclusively.
I have to laugh when I say this because this happens more often then not.. a will hop their insipid asses in a relationship, knowing full darn well that if that "bish" or that "dirty Mofo" would get their ish together, you would be all on board on keeping your family together. However, what tends to happen in these type of relationships is that..well.. THEY CRUMBLE!!" what the hell else did you expect me to say??
When a person enters in a relationship and they are already involved and that individual decides that they would like to see if it's as really good as it looks, or walks, or if the stick he carries is bigger then the one that already sits at home in the sliding glass door that's in your bedroom to keep intruders out," if you catch my drift" well, then I'm sad to say that cha dumb azz got just what you were looking for in this relationship.. it was built on falsehood and lies. If a person will cheat on their girlfriend/boyfriend with you..then dumb, dumb what on earth do you think he or she will do to you?
I also hate the woman/man that will lie and say that they are not involved, just so that they can have one moment of Ecstasy with a person they never met in their life, taking a risk on bringing that faithful mate home something that they can not get rid of. For me. It's just not worth it!
I want my own shid..I don't want to eat off your plate, who knows, you might have a spoonful
of "CRABS" No thank you, I'll stick to my own menu, while you keep eating random shid
that leaves a bad taste in your mouth..
:Food fa thought!

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