Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Mariah Feeling Inferior to Niki's Youth and Beauty?

It's apparent that Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey, really have a real bad taste in their mouth for one another. TMZ reported weeks back that Miss goody two shoes Mariah did not want to share the American Idol stage with Niki, stating that there could be only one diva that sits on the panel.
Mariah wasted no time on keeping good on her word. On Sunday's taping of A.I. every time Niki went to critique one of the contestants, Mariah would cut her off as if she hadn't been talking at all. Now, you know Niki didn't take Mariah ignorance lightly, So, Niki began to loudly over talk Mariah. I mean it was horrible!
Even though
 the behavior of Niki was UN-called for, I want to ride Mariah's helmet for this one..
Mariah? what is your problem? it's bad enough you went and married "Dougie Houser" Now you want to poke at his peers!!
I have this to say to you Mrs. Cougar..Stay in ya own lane, and fade ta black just as you did in Sparkle, which by the way I hated! its very apparent that your self esteem is very low and it also appears that you may be just a tad bit jealous of the competition you are now faced with.. the younger women of the industry.. Chile you played out years ago, Niki, had nothing to do with that.. sit back and do what it is that you now do best..being a cougar and a MILF.. Sorry, somebody had to say it.

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