Sunday, September 16, 2012

Has Floyd Threw In The Towel,On His Boxing Career?!

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr, playing with the thought of retiring? well in a Exclusive interview he gave Ben Thompson from Fight Hype TV , Floyd clearly states that his main focus is not on boxing at this time. Ben Thompson, touched on the new feud that has been brewing with, long time pal 50 cent and himself, Floyd had this to say" 50 travels a lot, he has other thing's going on for him at this time, he has the earphones, the energy drink and so fourth, so at times two people may not be on the same page. He is making appearances overseas, and I'm making them as well, that does not mean that it's a hate, hate relationship."
So what that says's to me, is that they have just simply gotten tired of one another, it happens in all relationships, usually one grows tired of being around the other so much, in the beginning a person can spend so much time with another person that they eventually wear out..Just like those shoe's you bought two year's ago that are out dated, that you wont seem to throw away.
What I think is interesting in the break down of 50 and Floyd friendship, is that through out it all, Floyd has been the bigger man , stating to "Fight Hype TV" that regardless of what 50 has put out regarding why they have fallen out, he seer's no reason to speak ill of him as he still considers 50 to be a good friend.
Now that could just be Floyd trying to down play the whole situation, but who knows.. he could be genuine about what he speaks, because he has showed us that he has nothing bad to say regarding his once great, pal 50.
Floyd went on to say that he is now watching the boxing game a little harder, because now, he has his eye's peeled open for the next, new, Floyd.
Ben asked Floyd one last thing prior to ending his interview with Floyd, he asked the champ yet again if he in fact ever thought of retiring, and again Floyd stated,"that his focus IS Not on boxing but,is on Mayweather Promotions..
Wow, People did the champ just non-verbally tell his fans and the public that he has just stepped out of the ring and into retirement... Now, damn who saw that coming?
Floyd, you are great, and always will be great1 I'm so glad that you out of that god awful cell, but most importantly, I'm happy that this experienced showed you,, jail just doesn't fit you.
I wish you all the best, in your future Endeavours!;//
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