Friday, September 14, 2012

Imma Problem!!

Oh Imma problem, boi I thought you knew, don't come round me talkin' that shit bout..whatcha gone do.. I'm like that radio got questions,i got answers, this lyrical shid, is infecting ya life like that there cancer, killin you off like our government kills them there insurgents, never ah coward to speak the truth or reality of my words, if i said i said it..what the fuck you gone do?! With my hands, with my tongue..I'll beat the shid outta you!
I done did some time in some hard knock places, so, you'll Neva figa me out..i wear too many fukin. faces, but never in my life have I been called two face-ded!! I, can't stand a dumb white bish, but that don't mean that I'm racist, acknowledge your own heritage, and quit trying to be his,
I don't do ah phony bitch so stay ta fuck from round me, ain't Neva been KO, not Neva!!..always ma main enemy, Think I'm doin' big shit, so  now you tryin' to be-friend me?
A coward in my eye's dies ah thousand way's, but your lyin' and snitchin' done bought cha..ya last days.. Mutha fuka's be mindful of ya shameful ass way's,be careful of who you burn, before you begin to see the blaze of fury,followed by two shades of grey, face flat, in the pavement, no arms and no knee's, leaving ya faceless,with no identity, "Raw and UN-Cut" The only truth that I speak.. this is HOT101, you know.. right here on WellsInk...
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