Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Gay Is The New Black??!" WTF Does That Mean?!

Were you aware that a man by the name of Evelyn Rothchild, has your life in his hands. Evelyn is worth more money then you will probably ever see in this lifetime. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here's the deal. If for some reason in your mind you thought all the hype about 2012 was a hoax, well then I'm sad to say that you have been well mis-informed! I'm not saying that the sky will come tumbling down in a blaze of fury and crash upon earth"or will it?"
I will tell you just what I think is getting ready to transpire, Hyper-inflation, which means your dollar value will be worth about as much as that gum that's stuck to the pavement on a hot Vegas day.
And if you thought times were rough now.. Baby you ain't seen nothin' yet!
I need to bring something to the public's attention, about two months ago there were reportedly two cases back in Florida, where there were men eating on humans as if they were fresh off the BBQ grill. I want to make you aware that there were in fact several cases of this sort of attack and they all generated out of Florida.
I'd like to know why our sneaky ass Government neglected to inform us on all the cases that they knew about rather only reporting the two cases. Another thing that I would like to bring to your attention, is all the the talk of Homosexuality and how it is now being said that "Gay is the new Black!" Now what the hell does that mean? Are you trying to tell me that every man is gay? No.. but what they are saying is that no man should be left behind, meaning that every man who walks this earth shall either be Bi or Gay, Straight up! what kind of shid is that?

I'm going to say it one more time, I am not against gays nor am I against lesbians, and I'm going to be as real as can in saying this! In my "Fantasy Mind" I have thought of being with a woman of the same sex, but would I ever act on it? No, because it is only a fantasy! Do I think that two people of the same gender should be in a relationship? Well, that's none of my business, to each his own..
But to say that NO man shall go without being Gay or Bi is..well.. Bucked Up!There are stars such as Tyra Banks as well as Queen Latifah, and many more that are all in support of "Gay is the new black" Where the hell does that leave us women! I guess that would fall under the category of genocide right?
There is much to be said regarding all of these matters..
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