Friday, September 28, 2012

Fazion Love "Big Worm" Raped by Chris Stokes! WTF!!

Wow, I watched something very disturbing on YouTube.. Fazion Love, ( Whom we all may know as " Big Worm ,from the hit movie Friday" recording a video of a tel-phone conversation, in which Fazion initiated " might I add." to Chris Stokes asking him why Chris raped him.
Allegedly, Fazion and Chris Stokes had gone to the same neighborhood McDonald's, when Fazion states that Chris came from behind him and put his around around his throat, threw him down on the ground and proceeded to butt rape this nigga...
Now, I'm not sure how true this shid is but at one point when Fazion asked him, who obviously had no clue that he was being recorded stated, "I thought that was what you wanted!!!" what the fuck did that nigga say!
Yes, you guys The whole phone call can be heard between Chris stokes and Fazion at the link provided below, if you don't believe me..check it out yourself.
If you can recall this is not the first time he has been accused of homosexual rape, "see photo below" remember they accused him of rape as well.
Now to put my two cents into this whole pot of bullshit/non-bullshit. My question..first, would be to you Fazion, is well.. how yo big azz let little azz Chris Stokes, beast fuck that azz is way beyond my conception..It kinda leads me to believe.. that maybe, and this is just a opinion: Maybe Fazion was already into men prior to this incident with Chris Stokes. We've all heard the buzz that the Media Bee's has stated about him and his Taste for Boy's/Men, I'm just sayin.. one of my craziest azz thoughts.. watch the video and give me some feedback on how you feel after watching.
 I did find funny about the whole conversation is that Stokes insisted that "he thought Love wanted it" Fazion then stated to Chris " I wanted a fish sandwich from McDonalds, not a dick in my ass" although this was a very serious accusation that might I add Stokes never denied it not one time.. the whole shits was too mutha fukin sad..
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