Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Family Tree, The Seedy Secret's, That Lye Beneath"


                                          Family Tree


"Are you a run away?" the man asked, as he looked at Cassandra who was 14-year's-old and what society labeled a "problem child" since the ripe age of 12 year's old, she found herself in a lot of trouble.. she had been sent to Juvenile Hall for several petty theft cases, coming from a broken home and her mother trying to make best with the salary she had been making as a nurse, made it hard for Cassandra to obtain material things through a regular cash purchase.. so she stole, and she was a good thief at that, she could still a man's underwear off him if given the right the opportunity.
Cassandra, sat at the Amtrak station hoping that someone would walk through the doors that fit her profile. She had a way that she picked the people that she would rob or pick pocket..
Today seemed to be taking a little longer then usual, normally she would have picked her victim and counting the dough she had gotten out of the lick, in all but of 30, not today, something was diffrent. All Cassandra wanted to do was get the fuck out of Oakland, she hated the nasty bitch that the sorry ass court systems made her reside with, all while advising her that the system would take care of her now, the courts had even told her, that she would have clothing and all the essentials that a teenager would have living in a foster home. None of those things had happened for Cassandra.
She was still alone and at times would often have to fight off 5 or 6 girls at a time. Because she was not from Oakland or the Hood that she lived in, she was subdued to fights on a daily basis..
Her mind drifted back to a simpler time, when the only time she had to fight anyone, was when it was with one of her boy cousins, and even wasn't really fighting, it was family.
" My name is Carl, I can give you a ride to where your going if you'd like," Cassie felt uncomfortable
about the whole ride idea but she had gotten tired from being at the Amtrak station and it didn't appear as though she would be getting enough money to purchase a ticket back to San Jose, and there would be no fuckin way she was going back to 69th street, nope, she was going home..she missed her little brother and sister..and even though her mother was sometimes cruel and strict..she even missed her too. "Carl, listen to be honest with you, I was sitting in here hoping that I could steal me enough money to get back to San Jose where my mother lives," A smile came across Carl's face, a smile that if Cassie had been old enough, she could of read through. "Damn, really? I work out in Fremont and I was getting ready to hit the highway for work now," said Carl. Cassie first thought advised against getting in the car, but she did anyways, she desperately needed to get out of Oakland and fast!
Cassie threw the bag with her cloths and other things in the back seat of the car, " You don't mind if I make a quick stop at the house do you?, I mean the 580 is right by the house," said Carl, Cassie was in no position to tell this man that was giving her a ride all the way to San
Carl pulled up in the parking lot of his apartments, and asked Cassie to follow him inside just in case she had to use the restroom based on the ride to San Jose being a hour and some change away.
Carl opened the front door to his apartment as Cassie followed behind him. Carl Proceeded to lock the door behind him, and at that very changed for Caasandra, and reality would never be the same for her again.. the brutal attack, the sodomy, the shooting of a man to save her own life..left scars no make up will ever cover up!
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