Saturday, September 15, 2012

Family Tree- pages 1-2/chapter one


                        "Family Tree, The Seedy Secrets

                             That Are Rooted Beneath"

                                                                      Chapter 1

" I should have flushed you down the toilet when I had the chance, all you do is lie and steal, and one thing I can't stand is a lier and a got damn thief!" Tina  barked out at Cassandra as she hustled about the house cleaning, simultaneously looking for a ring that she had mis-placed. Cassie seemed to always be the one who took whatever it was that was missing. She had a reputation in the family,and on the street's as being a bonified thief, shittt..she'd steal ya under wear if you allowed her to get that close.However, today as usual, her mother was wrong, she had not seen the ring her mother had been accusing her of stealing, but was unable to convince her mother that she had been telling the truth, Tina didn't care whole stole the gold ring, all she cared about was getting it back in her possession!
" Ima give ya ass 10 seconds to produce my ring, or you gone take ya little ass out there in that back yard and pick me a switch off that tree, cause Ima whoop yo ass," said Tina,and Cassie knew full damn well that she would keep good on her word, Tina was the type of woman, that said what she said and gaves no fuck how you felt about it, she was as real as they came. In Cassie's eyes, her mother was perfect, even when she was whooping her ass for things Cassie knew she didn't steal.
Cassie always wondered why it was her mother was so mean  to her, at times it felt as though Tina hated her, how could a mother hate her own child,Cassie asked her self that question a hundred times and over, but never once coming up with the answer she needed as a child. At 13 years of age Cassie knew that at some point she would have to eventually,either adapt to her mothers every day of going from one extreme mood to another or find her another, place to live.
Tina was a pill popper and a alcoholic and at the time would have never admitted being a slave to alcohol. Yet, she remained beautiful, She often reminded Cassie of the Young woman who was trying to pass off as white, in that old flick,"Imitations Of Life"Yes, Tina was beautiful, but was no fool, and she took no shit! So, it always seemed to puzzle Cassie, her how mother's life, went from one extreme to another in a matter of months!
It was the early "80'z" and Crack cocaine had just been introduced to the world. Motha Fuka's was goin crazy over the shit..bitches was suckin dick and eatin pussy fa ah hit! I mean, the shit was amazing to see! I mean people that you never thought in a million years would be walking around trying to sell their soul chasin a high that will never happen again.
Cassie had even blamed the epidemic of crack was what changed Tina all together. Not only were people losing their parents to this lady of death that was being called crack, but Cassie's best friend had even told her that it went from just her aunt smoking crack to now all of her mother's sibling's were now smoking crack and becoming alcoholic's too! It seemed as if every time someone around her would be doing crack, they would also have a big ass bottle of beer that was ready to be swallowed down after all the smoke was lit up and smoked!
Crack hit hard and heavy..parent's were no longer parent's, there was hardly ever food in the home of some of her friends home because Her friend's mother would go and sell her food to the corner "D" boy for a hit. Cassie witnessed this alot and it all became too much for her,
Cassie wasn't quite sure where she would go but she knew that living with Tina was no longer a option, since she had started smokin dope her attitude was worse then it was prior to her starting the hateful habit.

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