Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bradley Cooper, Ex Addict and Alcoholic!

Bradley Cooper, best known for his films such as " The Hangover", Wedding Crasher's", and the A-Team, prior to him breaking into the film industry,he was a drug addict as well as a bonified alcoholic like any typical loser that you would run into on the streets.
In a interview with Hollywood Reporter to promote his new film "Drama" 37-year-old Copper admits that he decided to do away with the whole drug and alcohol scene at the age of 29 after banging his head into the concrete ground after heavily partying causing his head to gush with blood.
He knew at that time he needed to make a drastic change.
Well Geesh, Bradley, ya think??! We are all glad that it only took you to beat your own brains out on to the pavement in order for you to realize that you needed to change your lifestyle.. Glad you didn't shoot yourself..I'm Just Saying, to beat your head in to the ground is a bit drastic, but as I said earlier, glad that you are now doing great and we can enjoy looking at all of your sexiness for years to come!‘deliberately’-bashing-head-on-concrete-floor.html/
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