Sunday, September 23, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger, and The Lies,Secret's, & Cover-ups He Kept From Maria..

Arnold finally admitted the affair he had with the maid and the child that came from that relationship..
The dirty dog even admitted to Maria, that he in fact had been supporting the maid and their child, claiming that everything was all screwed up! You mean, sorta like you screwed the city of Sacramento, Ca,over Arnold?
Seems to me that not only were you a horrible husband for cheating on Maria, but you sucked as the Governor of Sacramento as well.. Thanks to you and you great big ideas, the city of Sacramento, is now on a very small scale budget, the school systems are now all fucked!! you have even eliminated all the sports programs from the schools, in the Sacramento region.
I will stand by my statements when you were first trying to take seat as the Governor of Sacramento.. I strongly advised the good people of my city not to vote for you, however, people could not see pass the rose filled glasses that they wore to shield their eyes from the light and the bull@%it you spit out of your month in every one of your Campaign ads.. I knew you wouldn't be for the people then, and apparently, I wasn't the only one who saw through the B.S. you handed down and that's why you are no longer the Governor of Sacramento, and it's a good thing too. Good riddens! and we hope that you'll "never be back!!"

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