Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are Your Dreams Speaking To You?

A dream will either leave one feeling as if one has left their body and entered heaven and is now walking on cloud nine.. Or the dreams that can actually become a nightmare leaving your pillow wet from the tears you have shed due to this god awful dream.
Have you ever wondered just what it was that your dream was trying to relay to you? Your dreams are the sub-conscious of your mind, you see when your head hits the pillow at night and as you slowly drift off into la la land..your sub-conscious never shuts off, it just begins to show you pictures of the thoughts that may be going through your mind in your sleeping moments..
Are you one of the many that can fly away from imminent danger in a dream? do you want to know what that dream is saying? I'm going to tell you, a person that can fly in their dreams, usually represents are trying to free yourself from something or some one that me be constricting you in some way or another.
In my dreams, I'm always the flying eagle or dove which represents a pure soul.. however, I can only fly if I'm in immediate harm.
What about the dreamer that always seems to be falling, but never quite seems to land? What does this type of dream represent?
In both falling and drowning dreams, we feel faced with a life-or-death situation,” writes Patricia Garfield in her book, The Universal Dream Key. “We often wake to ‘escape’ the danger in our dream. But there is more than our instinct to survive involved in these dreams.”
You see nine times out of are generally dreaming of something that is eating away at you, and it is your Sub-conscious letting you know, just because you are sleep, that does not mean that your mind quits generating the unwanted movies that are now playing out in your life..

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