Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You've Found A Mirage..

So many secrets, so many games, we are under attack, so sad what a shame.. family seems like stranger's friend's are now foe's, when will women grow up to teach their daughter's to be ladies, and not confused hoe's! Babies having babies, umph.. that's a damn shame, half the time can't remember the father's name, laid down with him, justa make some quick change...

Afraid to go to sleep because of the secrets that I keep, all the pain that I have endured, sometimes leaves me unable to weep, me and my baby sister, fell out over a jeep? mad because I'm what you would call..the so called black sheep! Every since our mama died we barely even speak! But that's what the enemies does, he tries to keep us weak!

Move on..full throttle.. that's what my mental mind said.. but when I lay down, touch the pillow, past thoughts creep in my head. I can't sleep, I can't think, might as well be on a fast, gotta stop my mind from racing, so I guess I'll push the gas...

Need that mental stimulation..like almost all the time, if I can't get that..it's like ya rhythm has no rhyme, I need it all the time. I'm cut from a different cloth,I would say I'm on the hard side, but men like me soft.. I don't need a entourage, If you think you've found a sucka..then like in the desert, you've found a Mirage!

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