Monday, August 6, 2012

Young Buck, Not Once..But Twice The Felon!

Young Buck, turns himself in, to do a 18  month bid for gun possession charges, TMZ report's

Why is it that every time some one from a not so prominent background, comes's into a little bit of money, they find themselves in more trouble as they were in before they came into the money, if not more?
Take Young Buck, for instance " a former member of 50 Cents G-Unit".
one would think that the money he acquired from being signed to G-Unit and all, that surely he wouldn't be taking any "long vacation's, if you know what I mean.." Why would anyone who is already a Felon, want to see or hear Red and blue in their rear view is beyond me, however Buck seems to have no  problem with going to sit it down for 18 months on gun charges from a couple of year's back.
It's bad enough that we as the American people must adhere to the rules and regulations that our ever so loving Government has lashed down upon us! and now you want to take it even further and be demeaned, and degraded by wearing, orange, blue and in some state's, "Pink" blues..

Now if putting a "Man" in pink County attire, isn't a sign of all out disrespect to the all American straight man.. then I don't know what is..
Why do we take the first opportunity to show the "people" that we are in fact just as ignorant as they perceive us to be? when we are not ignorant, dumb, unintelligent or anything else that they may feel derogatory towards the African American community's. There is a  President, and there are Author's, Lawyer's, Physician's, Scientist, Dancer's, Artist, and Athlete's, making major strides to show the world that "hey, we are here, we are intelligent and we can adapt just as well as any other human here on this big green earth! Tell me, what is so exciting about being told when you can eat, sleep, shower, and talk to your loved ones, putting them in the awkward position to decline that faithful collect call we all know will be coming soon. I mean, honestly.
Why would you want to take the chance of your only entertainment being that of a letter that's slid in through the crack of your cell door, with the scent of a woman sprayed over the envelope of the letter, and your only contact with the sender, is a picture exposing all the Good's, just to hold you over, until you receive your next mail fix?
Buck? was having those gun's in your possession worth giving your freedom up for the next 18 month's, month's that you will never be able to get back? You made it out! why put yourself right back where you started from??
Well, I guess you now have several month's to sit down and think about the questions that have been posed to you, I'll be waiting for your response in 18 months!!

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