Thursday, August 23, 2012

Y.A Poet, Leading By Example..

Y.A Poet other known as Earnest Monroe, has made his mark on the Vegas community, for his powerful words and performances in films such as Bad Conscious, 2 sides of black, Rocking Chair with his most recent film being " Leaving Las Vegas" which he is directing himself. Y feels that the message that he is trying to send to the community is, a person does not have to be negative, there is a higher power, Y, went on to say that he reveals what that higher power is in each film that he produces.
Currently Y, is the Ceo of Loose Change Production and in the near future he is looking to own his own lounge here in Las Vegas.
Earnest is showing by example to children in and around Las Vegas, that there is more to life then selling drugs and hanging out on the streets. He brings hope to a community where so much negative seems to be rising constantly, however with Y's support, these young children wont go wrong, with him leading by example.

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