Monday, August 6, 2012

Will Knockout Clemons, Fighting His Way To The Very Top!!

His ambition is Strong, and his talent is UN-cut, he is a fighter, a father and a man of integrity.. he is Will Knockout Clemons, a Boxer on the rise. Will was raised on the ruff streets of Dayton, Ohio where he had to fight his way to be the best at everything he touched. Will knew that he would make his mark on the boxing community at a early age and soon after,began to fight for his dream.
I had the opportunity to meet Will Knockout Clemons, a few months back, and it was then that I learned that this young man has just what it takes to make it all the way to the top! He has been boxing for a period of 16 years and has recently made it Pro, where he is 3-0 with 2 "Knockout's" Will, has also been featured on the HBO boxing series, 24/7.
Born May, 31st, 1984, to Terry Clemons, and the proud father of six dotting children, it's clearly evident, just how much he loves and adores his children, along with his mother.
Will is currently training at the Floyd Mayweather's boxing gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, where his fans anxiously, await his return from having a eye surgery that was essential to have, in order to return to Vegas and climb into that, ole familiar ring, he was scheduled to fight on the May, 4th, 2012 card, however, did not pass Medical clearance, due to findings of a detached retina. he was advised by the Physician that was seeing him, he would never step into another ring again. Will was devastated by the bad news, but was determined not to give up hope. That is when "Knockout" decided that he would return to his home town Dayton,Ohio and get a second opinion!

Will has since had the surgery that he needed, and it appears that he will continue to knock em out, pound for pound.. round for round.. This humble man isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet.
I asked the question, that I think everyone is needing to know the answer to, and that is: coming back to Vegas from having the eye surgery, who is it that you want to square off with in the ring? and this is what "Knockout" had to say" I'm really a humble man, I don't set fourth to cause any problems, but I will say this, They can set em up, but I'll guarantee you...I'll knock em out!," he  went on to say, that the hardest part of him being out of the ring is, having to sleep on his face, to ensure that he doesn't cause further injury to his right eye..

And yes, ladies he is a winner, he states that he enjoys spending quality time with the woman in his life (by the way, he is still on the market!) whether it be bowling, shooting pool, or simply, walking down the street holding hands with the woman he adores... There you have it ladies, America's next heart throb, has just stepped into the ring of all of our homes and into all of our  heart's, young or old...we are all waiting to see who you will "Knockout" next.
For more information, please Google: "Will Knockout Clemons" or click on the attached link to view Pro Fight on YouTube.

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