Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Men/Women Cheat, And What You Should Do Once That Information Goes Viral!!

Corners Block: Why Men/Women Cheat, And What You Should Do Once That Information Goes Viral!!

I would love to sit here and type to you all sort's of cliche's that I think you may want to hear, but since I am not the type to put pepper in tea, and pass it off as sugar, I'm going to be as real and up front as I can be, because hey.. you can get bulls**t from the people that sit in your everyday circle trying to pass off as your "friend" right?

Now, to all the women out there that are in loving relationship's, I need for you to pay real close attention, because this vital information, is really to be sold not told, however, I feel compelled to fill you all in on one bit of information: Once there has been a betrayal of trust,on any type of level in a relationship, there could be scars left that can not be healed.

Sometimes, a man can mess up to the point, that there is no coming back from, and then, there are those times, more often then not, that the woman will remain in the relationship after gaining knowledge of her Beau's mis- behaving.. she will have accepted all apologies, and even thinks that it is cute when he says some ole dumb shid like " Bae, she was good and all, but nothing like you!" WTF!!
So I'm not shocked that a man would feel if he has gotten away with it once, then why not test the water's twice? You have now just shown this man, that it is completely appropriate for him to disrespect you as a woman in total, and that you didn't respect yourself enough to put your foot down and demand your respect from the word Go!, so why should he respect you? you don't respect yourself! because after all, had the shoe been on the other foot, I'm quite sure that your guy would go Louie bananas, if you told him that the man you cheated on him with was, Ah~Mazing ..but, nothing compared to him.. shoot, a man doesn't want the thought of another man being with the woman that he is in love with to even creep into his mental mind, so why on earth would you accept it?
Point Blank: Men cheat because they can get away with it,(you have "allowed" him to do so,) they cheat because, they are not being pleased at home, or just plain ole, it is, what it is: the man wants some variety in his life, and if that's the case all I can say is.. Ummm.. "good luck with that!"

Men,  now I know how it just pains you to hear a woman go on and on about anything, so I'm going to make this real simple for you, in Caveman terms.
Women will tell you that she forgives you, and that thing's will continue to progress in the relationship after you have done whatever it is that you are apologizing for.. however, we're lying! Some women can be very vindictive, so you just may want to sleep with one eye open, depending on what level of crazy your chic is on. But, then there are those women, who secretly, and intentionally go behind your back and engage in  long, term relationships on the side for year's, because you decided to cheat, and that my friend, is what I call the ultimate pay back, not because I think that it's cool that this woman has cheated on her spouse for so many year's, but because, they have since had a child that is two month's old, there has been no more cheating, however, all three have been diagnosed with HIV, and the man she had been having an affair with, died Two month's ago, from complications due to HIV..
Now, living chained to the mistake's that they made, and the games that they played in their relationship, a innocent baby will lose her life.

Food For Thought: Respect yourself enough to walk away, what point are you proving, if your not alive to experience the meaning of True Love..

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