Friday, August 17, 2012

Were There Hidden Problems On The Set Of The "Today Show" Between Matt Lauer And Ann Curry?

Was there always trouble on the set of  "Today" between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, during her run on the hit show?  sources from omg!Yahoo has reported on Thursday's show "Lauer joked that the Women's Olympic tradition should be that “you throw her in the Hudson River." Teasing the women about one of the teammates that was flung in the water, But the best laugh was saved for last, right before Roker threw to another segment, when he blurted out to Lauer that the women’s tradition “is different than our tradition, which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story." As the Olympians laughed awkwardly, both Lauer and Guthrie said through their teeth, “Mr. Roker!”
Get this, in a previous article I had written on Ann and her leaving "Today" it was never made clear in that article on just what it was that prompt her to make such a rash decision after 25 years on the show. Well there was no reason given to the public at that time..since, new statement's have been released by sources from omg!Yahoo, stating that "It’s been widely reported that Lauer, 54, was the one responsible for Curry, 55, getting the axe from the NBC morning show in June because he didn’t feel she was up to par and he wanted a new co-host.

So let's just say for arguments sake that Ann was released from her position because, she just simply wasn't young enough to keep up with him on the show, as he stated she just wasn't up to par.. Let me ask you something Matt, who made you the judge of Ann being up "to par" by who's standards? Yours? well then I guess you are not who the public wants to see when we turn into the "Today" show. Your old and it's beginning to become more apparent just how old you are with each passing year.. so I'll tell you what, the public would like to see a young, strapping, handsome man take your place! Is there any way that NBC could comply with the public demands? Because truly, Matt.. you just don't meet Americas standards anymore and you have outgrown the show!
Shame on you for being so inconsiderate to a woman that sat by your side for 25 years! Where is the loyalty?? Ann, you are still America's favorite "Girl" When one's speaks of the "Today" show, we are surly to be reminded of the beautiful smile you would display that lit up the screen.. You are in all of our prayer's and the best of luck to you Ann!! And kudos to you Al for speaking up!     firing-on-live-tv.html/
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