Sunday, August 26, 2012

Usher Granted Primary Custody of He and Tameka's Two Young Children!

Friday, Tameka Foster, lost her fight in the child custody war between her and Usher.TMZ REPORT'S, that Tameka is gearing up to appeal the Judges decision of granting primary custody of the two youngest children to Usher and in fact, believes that the Judge connection to Usher may have had some type of influence on Ushers ruling,TMZ also has reported that Tameka claims that Ushers Law Firm threw a Election Fundraiser for the judge back in "08" and this could be the very reason why the Judge ruled in Ushers favor.
Wow, what else can be said after that? The sad thing about the Tameka/Usher custody battle is this, here we have a mother that has lost one of her children in a tragic boating accident and now to have her two young children ripped away from her, it's like experiencing the death of three children.
What about the two siblings of Kile? Has anyone asked how and what they feel? Or even what they want? They have suffered a tremendous lost, and now our lovely judicial system wants to rip them away from there mother.. truly a damn shame! Keep your head up Tameka we're rooting for you. <br></p>

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