Monday, August 20, 2012

Un-Wanted Baggage, When Is It Time To Take The Trash Out?!

I think that sometimes a woman can be hurt to a point where she begins to feel numb to all the madness that surrounds her. A trusting, loving , caring woman, will give you the shoes off of her back, she will allow you to come into her home to escape the nasty weather that one city can bring from season to season.
However, this type of woman is often used, and ends up not feeling as appreciated as she would like to feel, thus, leaving her vulnerable to certain situations and circumstances. This type of woman may spend years spinning her wheels trying to find herself, and often can become bitter from all of life's disappointments, she begins to put up walls and barriers that may be hard for anyone to break through!
This is a bad thing ladies: We as women have had our battles of heartaches, being left to take care of our homes, hold down a 9-5, deal with the children, and on top of all that.. there is still the father of the child/children, that you periodically have to argue with, because in his mind, he feels if he isn't in the home, or getting a free "ride" if you know what I mean.. then why should he be a father to the child he has laid up and had with you?
Yes, ladies, I know.. we have been dealt a shitty hand to play, however,
Although we have went through the battles with certain individuals, children's fathers, employer's or just every day people that you may interact with in life, we must remember, that everyone should not be put in the same boat.
I can assure you carrying UN-wanted baggage around with you in life, will only cause UN-wanted problems for you in your relationship, no matter what the relationship is.. Take it from me, there are some really great people left on this big, round ,green ,earth that are genuinely looking to only show you the finer things that life has to offer, however sometimes we as women can no longer see those good people because we have been so focused on the bad ones, which in turn keeps us as women at at stand still in life because now there is fear present, and when I speak of fear.. I am not referring to the kind of fear that will have a coward running from a fight in the streets, like a damsel in distress, but rather the kind of fear that when you see that couple that walks down the street holding hands, you die little by little, because you are in fear of the unknown if you were to leave yourself exposed, because in fact you are looking, damn near yearing..if not desperate for that same thing..(okay, okay..I may have went a little overboard with that desperate crap.., but you get my drift) am I right or wrong? Listen, a coward dies a thousand's deaths! You must be willing to grow, and allow those people that are trying to show you love, through actions rather then talk into your life then maybe you will begin to see the true essence of beauty, peace, and happiness, which will allow you the chance to begin to break down the walls and the chains that keep you yourself . I can only speak of things that I am familiar with and just as I type these very words to you, I am no better then you by far, I have made alot of mistakes in my life, but the key was: did I learn anything from what I have experienced?
I would have to say, absolutely! The power is in knowing, that you can break down the walls that you have built for yourself, question is: what will you have gained from going through life not knowing how thing's could have turned out, because you lived in fear.

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