Monday, August 27, 2012

The Soul Collector..

Las Vegas, the city where the Stars shine bright and dreams come true, streetwalkers can make thousands of dollars in one "Opening", Dancers are glorified and the poor is ignored.
At first glance you can absolutely fall in love with all the with the beautiful lights and plush serene surroundings.
But don't be fooled! this city comes like a thief in the night, and will steal every ounce of  joy embedded in your body, and engulf your very being.
This is a merciless city, it has no heart! Only here to collect souls! Every soul has a price.. At what price are you willing to pay?
If you've ever been to the beautiful city of Las Vegas, then you know just what I mean by, you can't walk two feet on the STRIP without a man or woman, that can barley speak English handling out business cards for Prostitution, a world that anyone can join.
What message are we sending our young children both male and female, "that it's okay to sell what you have between your legs or behind your back (if that's your thing)..
Are we then saying that this behavior and way of making a living is acceptable because this is "Vegas"?
Let's just pray that our parents of today are showing our children the love and providing them with guidance and giving them the proper tools they will need to fight off those wolves that prey on the young.
I'd also like to address the cons, fakes, and liars here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it makes a lot more sense to be upfront and honest about who you are and about where you are going (Ijs).. be real with Self first in life rather than lie and cheat and put out false portrayals of ones self, not only is it mis~leading, but in fact makes you look like the FOOL that you really are! Please keep in mind that at the end of the day a real Entreprenuer slash business woman/man, will not enter any type of Business relationship contingent upon lies and false hoods! Thank God for the EMG'S and Glaze TV,s!
As for the Richard's and Rick's of Las Vegas, that fall under the category of "Preying On The Weak" Never lose focus of the people you burn along the way, and it is people like you here in Vegas, that will sink and be eaten by the Piranhas in this,  ever so hateful pool, that they call "Sin City "

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