Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"The Leak Of The Real Plan Of The Globalist Elite"

Some may call me a conspiracy theorist, however I am here to point out a few things that are very apparent to the seeing eye.. I would first like to touch on the matter of the concentration camps that are being constructed all over our nation.. When I first began to do the research on these camps six year's ago, I was not so sure of all the things that I had been, so I took it upon myself to do the research. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the information that I would soon be releasing..was in fact accurate information, by the end of this article you may still be a skeptic, but I would advise you to do the research yourself! please do not rely solely on the information that you read here..

Going back to the concentration camps, they in fact do exist, I have seen with my own two eye's! One of these camps is actually located in California's State Capitol, Sacramento, Ca. Upon my visit to the camp, it appeared to look as if, it was just your typical Military Base that is no longer being used for a base but rather a empty lot where obviously Soldiers at one point in time had worked.

As I continued to walk my way through this huge empty lot, there sat wooden coffins upon coffins.. at first sight, chills ran up and down my arms and I questioned myself about why these coffins would even be at this old Military base, and as I continued my journey for the truth it had become more evident that America's future is most definitely on the line! It is my sincere belief that here is where Fema will take UN-willing citizens to execute when that time has come, below I will attach a link and it is my advice that you read on to continue to find the truth as to allow you to prepare yourself when the time comes..

I also would like to inform you of something else that has troubled me from the beginning and that is a transcript that I have read "The Protocol Of Toronto,A leak of the real plan of the Globalist Elite" (if you have a phone that allows you to download apps, this is one to download)
This is a translation from the French of a document compiled by a clique of senior financiers who met in Canada in 1967 and then in 1985. Its a pretty explosive paper which documents a far reaching conspiracy to set up a global government by means of corrupting the people and finances of nation states, and much else besides. I think its extremely interesting but there is no doubt that most people will shake their heads in wonder that a group like this could really exist.

It comes to us via an investigative journalist in Canada called Serge Monast (1945-1996), who died a year after releasing this document from a heart attack suffered in suspicious circumstances only a day after he was released from jail. He was quite a well known and respected figure whom you can see give a lecture in French in the image opposite and on video here:
Entailed in this transcript is Serge stating why CPS was implemented and he clearly states " Make no mistake about it CPS is not here to protect your children or anyone else for that matter, but rather breakdown the family structure. After reading this transcript in totality, I came to the realization that we as Americans have been dooped, hoodwinked and it is now that we must gear up for the fight! Do not be mis-lead by the things that we are being told by our Government.. and as I stated earlier, please do not take my word for it..begin to do the research so that you will be prepared, take the rose filled glasses off and begin to see things for what they really are!

To all my fellow Americans, please lets stop hating one another and place our anger in the appropriate hands, which is our Government! If you don't read anything else! Please be sure to click on the links that I have provided for you! this is a article you don't want to miss, our very way of living is now in jeopardy and our Government has been preparing to Implement the NWO (New World Order) for many, many, many years now! Is this all part of the battle of Good vs Evil? or has our Government pulled the ultimate plan of hate and destruction to be showered over this earth, I don't have the answer to that question.. but I will say this, Love one another because we are all going to need each other in the near times to come..
This is WellsInk sadly signing out..

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