Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snoop, Reincarnated As Bob Marley..Huh??

Now, I think that I have heard it all, in recent news it has been reported that Snoop Dogg, has now changed his name to Snoop Lion... oh..kay.. I guess if you have been in the rap game as long as Snoop has been, then well.. it makes since. Snoop has been known for his raw hitting lyrics in the Rap industry, I mean, the man has the new up and coming artist calling him uncle, because he has been in the game for so long.. maybe he has had this swift awaking because he doesn't want the young buck's of the industry graduating from  referring to  him
as uncle to  now grandpa..

All jokes aside, Snoop has been generating music and starring in movies since 1993, he has of released 12 album's and numerous hit song's. At 40, year's- of- age, it has been rumored that he is slowly falling down the ladder of his Music career. However he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa in the song "Wild and Free" which is still on the billboard top 100 and that was nearly one year ago.

Snoop Lion... mentioned that a recent trip to Jamaica made him feel born again. he went on to say when he arrived in Jamaica he was still Snoop Dogg and upon attending a conference in New York, he actually connected with Bob Marley spirit and is now Bob Marley, and while visiting the temple in Jamaica he was given the new name Snoop Lion..
One question: Was you high? because.. that most of been that ohh~wee shid Martin Lawrence spoke on a few year's back.. all I have to say is..
Good luck Snoop Lion, and to Snoop Dogg, R.I.P
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