Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sleepless In Vegas

Hello world, it appears to be another lonely evening,sleepless in Vegas. Tonight I'd just assume not to toss and turn in bed, while my television blares in the background, and watches me while I toss and turn.. no, not tonight.
I'd rather stay awake and talk to you from behind the screen of my PC. Funny how in the dark of the night everything seems to be more amplified.. The smoke detectors seemed to chirp at a louder rate, the water that drips from the faucet seems to hit the porcelain in such a way, that every drop can be heard.. Who am I kidding? it's peaceful.
Maybe it's the craziness of this world that leaves me awake at night staring at the ceiling wanting to absorb the quiet that surrounds me..
Maybe I'll try drinking a warm glass of milk to help me dim the lids of my eye's.. yea right! drinking warm milk, for me would be like taking a bite of some one else cereal..from the same spoon.. yuke!
Well, I wont take up anymore of your time, may your world be rocked by the person you love tonight, and to the casino goers..May you go home a little richer then you were prior to leaving the comforts of your home.. and to the street walkers, I hope you have some type of weapon on you, just in case you hop in the wrong car, or enter the wrong hotel room, and last but not lease.. to all those that are throwing bottles back, be sure that you have someone responsible to drive you home..lord knows we don't need to hear about another pedestrian or driver losing their life all because you felt the need to drive your dumb self home drunk!!
Goodnight Vegas,sweet dreams..
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