Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Real World" Star Joey Kovar Dead, Too Young!

"Real World" star Joey Kovar has died of an alleged drug overdose. TMZ sources has stated that he was found bleeding from the ears and nose. Kovar's body was found on Friday by Chicago, Ridge police officials, as well as the local Fire Department.
Sources state that Kovar died from a mixture of Cocaine, Alcohol, and Viagra all combined. If you can recall Kovar actually left the "Real World" in the middle of Season"9" to allow him to attend rehab for the apparent drug and alcohol problem that he was battling, Kovar was also on the hit show "Celebrity Rehab."Joey's family does not believe that a drug overdose was the actual cause of death because he had been doing so well. Further investigation will be conducted.
Another one bites the dust is the name of the game, another Television "star" gone due to a so called drug overdose, My prayers go out to Joey's family and may they find solice in their times of need!

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