Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prince Harry, Bares All During His Stay In Vegas!

TMZ Reports that apparently, Prince Harry has been offered 10 million dollars by Steve Hirsch "Vivid Entertainment" to perform sexual acts in a xxx Rated movie, the movie would be called "The Trouble With Harry " this coming from a recent trip Prince Harry made to Vegas, where he was captured running about nude.
I'm not too sure what the protocol may be regarding someone in royalty performing in xxx film's, however, I will say this "in my opinion,it's not a good look for the Prince of England, to be seen committing any type of sexual act for the public eye to see, it is for one, disrespectful to the Royal family, and just plain ole un-acceptable in any form! I'm looking forward to see what the final outcome may be.. Let's just hope that for now ..Prince Harry keeps his pants on.

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