Friday, August 24, 2012

No Thank You, Shes Just Not That Into You..

We have all heard the Men's version of just not being into a woman,Now it is time for a woman to let the cat out of the bag about us women, and when to get it through your thick brain, that.. Listen, she's just not that into to you.
if your in a relationship with a woman and she feels the need to go out to the club and shake her ass for every man to see, on the dance floor droppin' it like it's hot, (looking a hot ass mess,) with her wig tilted to the side, sluring while she is trying to recite " What's Your Favorite Drink" By Twista.
Then men, I'm sorry to say that the reason your woman feels it necessary to go out every weekend, is because she is looking for some excitement that obviously she is not getting at home.. "hint..hint.."

Or, have you ever experienced the woman, who just can't seem to make it home from work on time.. HELLO!!!... Stupid!!.. did it ever cross your mind that while your simpleton ass is sitting at home waiting for your, ever so loving wife, to waltz through your home you both share together, eagerly waiting for her to prepare supper and you've been sitting your tired ass at home all day, that maybe she's out with the one who's holding down a 9-5 and has his own everything?  Listen, a woman does not want to feel as if she has another child to take care of in being with you.. this is a for sure sign, that it's a rap or soon to be!

Here's a true, for sure fact that a woman just isn't that into you, when you turn over and try to be intimate with her and she says to you "Not tonight, I have a headache" and this continues for months and months at a time.. this woman, is miserable! And wants this tragedy to be over as quickly as possible! You repulse her and the very thought of you touching her makes.. her..sick!
My advice to the gentlemen in this relationship, is to dump this chic with last weeks trash, because if left in the in the house too long, it will attract flies, and flies turn into magets!! (If you get my drift.)
So there you have it, straight from a woman's mouth.. good luck.. and always remember, if it hurts, then baby, she just isn't that into you ..

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