Sunday, August 5, 2012

Macaulay Culkin, Dying? Or Dopefiend?

It's hard to believe that the cute little boy, who captured America's heart, in his hit films, "Home Alone" could be dying, or on drug's, neither are good option's. But sources from the Los Angeles Times Entertainment are stating that Macaulay's Reps are stating that the rumors that are circulating about him being addicted to Heroin and Oxycontin's are well..simply UN-true. This young man has made such a dramatic change in his appearance over the last few month's, he hardly is recognizable. Hardly, the little boy we all remember as "Kevin."
With his frail frame, and raggedy look, one could surely jump to several conclusion's, which the media surely has done in past day's. It has also been rumored in the National Enquirer that the 31-year-old, child actor has only six month's to live.. yea right..just like Bill Clinton? whom might I add, the National Enquirer also stated had six month's to live, not less then a week ago. So I guess when it comes to certain topic's concerning individuals that you may read about, whether it be via Internet or magazine, one can never be too sure what is really fact from fiction, however, we can not put our rose-filled-glasses on and pretend not to see just how badly Macaulay looks!
If I had to say, I would put my money on him doing more drug's then the law allows. Coming from the Medical Field, I know just how to asses a patient to recognize if the patient is using street/Rx Narcotic's, and Macaulay, is displaying all the signs of a dope fiend, that needs to be admitted into the nearest Rehab Facility, faster then his loved one's can say heroin! Macaulay, has taken some very provocative picture's that really have made a few people wonder, just what in fact is going on with our child, heart throb.. was fortune too much for him to handle at such an early age? did the pressure from all the Hollywood fame, ultimately drive him to drug abuse? or was it simply, a broken heart that sent him down a spiraling path? Whatever it was,we hope that he gets the professional help that he needs to work out the ever, so apparent issues that he is currently having..,0,3864722.story
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