Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lindsay Lohan, Allowed Her Friends To Rob My Home!

Did Lindsay Lohan allow her criminal minded friend's to rob another friends home after he allowed her to throw a over night party in his up-scale home? Yes, According to TMZ she surly did, and it's been reported that when questioned by authorities, she had been a little on the rude side with the officer.<br>
Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay we are so, getting sick and tired of your childish behavior and lack of respect of others as well of yourself! Quite frankly, you have made a complete joke of yourself, "A Nation Wide ass.." might I add.. But hey.. I guess. And as for the bright minded gentlemen that allowed Lindsay to let his home be burglarized, that was your stupid decision. For future reference, it's probably not a good idea for anyone who has had one too many dui's to lend them your house to have a house party in.. Guess you won't be the head behind that mule again.


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