Saturday, August 4, 2012

John Travolta, Makes TMZ News, Defending Allegation's Of Sexual Assault!

Travolta, has lashed out at the Cruise Ship Worker, that has accused him of sexual misconduct back in 2009. Travolta, has continued to say that he is innocent of these UN-true allegations. TMZ, first reported, Fabian Zanzi, claims that Travolta exposed himself to him during a massage on board a Royal Caribbean Cruise, and offered the young man 12,000 to keep the incident on the DOWN LOW "Zani's detailed allegation's or shown in the video attached to the link below"  In the legal document's filed yesterday by Mark Singer.. Travolta admits that, yes, in fact he was on the cruise at that time, however denies any allegation's of misconduct.. "UN-Huh."
Why would two grown men accuse this most prominent actor of sexual abuse if it never really happened? I mean, you would think that one would be more embarrassed to claim such a awful thing, If it were the money that Fabian was looking for, wouldn't he have just done the act, and asked for more money to remain silence? that would be the logical thing to do, if in fact the ship worker were gay. That's what makes the whole incident a little suspicious and it does raise eyebrow's.
Travolta wants the lawsuit dismissed and would like the ending out come to be that Fabian Zazni, foot the bill... hey John.. good luck with that!

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