Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is Usher, Genuinely Saddened Over Death Of Stepson, Or Has It Been All A Act?

In new reports from the ex-wife of Usher, Tameka Raymond is speaking out on what she believes Usher is really feeling!

Tameka's lawyer has filed new documentation in the child custody battle case, giving Usher the business, who has asked for a delay in the next hearing, in Lew of the unfortunate death of Tameka's son Kile, fearing that the courts may feel sorry for Tameka and judge UN-fairly against him.
However, in document's of her own, her lawyer's are saying that Usher is full of s***, insisting that his claims of "stress and strain" are lies!," in fact she claims that Usher didn't even care about Kile, continuing on to say that he only saw Kile once during his 15 days on life support, TMZ reported. Tameka has stated to TMZ that she begged Usher to tweet a message asking friends and fans to "please pray for Kile" he refused, however did post a tweet of his breakfast, following her request, which read " breakfast of champions." Wow, what a slap in the face to a mother who has just lost her child.
 Tameka reported, that his attempt to postpone the custody trial is anything but sincere, and has asked the judge to deny Usher's request to delay the trial, stating that " the only way for her to heal and move on with her life is to resole the custody battle.
Usher, no one is saying that you need to fall in love with Tameka all over again since the tragic accident of her son, however, your fan's are hoping to see you show some compassion being that at one point, when you two were married you called Kile your son, do the right thing and show the children that you and Tameka both share together, that you in fact loved their brother, not for your fans, not for the Judge, and not for it for Kile's siblings..
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