Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is It True? Rhianna And Rob Kardashian An Item?!

It has been reported byHollywood Life and other sources, that Rhianna and Rob Kardashian are now a item is this rumor a true fact?
After being noticed hanging out with a group of peers in LA this weekend, the rumors began to circulate that Rhianna and the only son to the Kardashians were a item.
However Rob cleared the air telling Ryan Seacrest "it was just me and a bunch of women hanging out at "Go kart place" Rihanna and I share a mutual friend and we were all there to celebrate her birthday."
Despite the rumors of Rob and  Rihanna being a item were un-true, he left Ryan feeling that there just may be something on the horizon for "Rock Nations" Rita Ora.
However MTV Reports that Rita told Complex magazine "it's not really a relationship it's not that intense he's a cool guy we're good friends I got his back and he has mine."
Listen in this day in age a true and dear friend is hard to find, who cares if it's simply a platonic relationship "hint hint," I heard those make for the best relationships and I believe it!
Good luck Rob, I hope it all works out for the best.

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