Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Is Chad Feeling After His Dismissal From The Dolphins?

As previously reported by Tmz, the night of the heated argument between Lozada and Johnson, he repeatedly stated that he did not give a f*** about  his career, Let's see if he still standing so strongly behind his conventions. Chad sent out a tweet to his fans and the public Tuesday saying "I haven't had to tread water in a long time...special thank you to my for keeping me afloat..."

The the fall of his career continues to escalate, on Sunday, the Wide Receiver was dropped from the Miami Dolphins and the footage was captured by the HBO show "Hard Knock" which aired on Tuesday night.
In the meantime, his wife Lozada has since filed for divorce on Tuesday, just a short 41 days after they took that faithful walk down the isle.

The VH1 series Evo and Ocho has been pulled by the network, and on Wednesday, Coconut-Water brand Zico murdered their deal with Johnson. The company had this to say "In light of recent events involving Mr. Johnson, we have decided to terminate our relationship. The values we espouse, through our employees, our customers and our brand, are central to our mission. We have taken this proactive step to demonstrate just how important those values are."

The couple married July, 4th and it is sad to see it end so quickly, as in my last report regarding this very unfortunate situation, Domestic Violence should never be accepted in any form, and I guess Evelyn is showing him the true meaning of "zero tolerance" for him putting any parts of his body on hers that will cause injury to her.. Good for you Evelyn! what a way to show women that this type of behavior is not to be tolerated by anyone!!

Chad, you have really made a mess of your career and it is very sad to see you quickly slide down the latter due to this one particular situation. I hope that you take the appropriate measures that are needed in order for you to get back in the game, and we hope that you have learned a valuable lesson.
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