Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Donald Trump Crushes Arianna Huffington's Ego, By Stating That Her Ex Michael Huffington, Had Every Right To Leave Her For Another Man? T

What a traumatic insult it must of been to Have Donald Trump tell her, her Ex Michael had every right to leave her for another man!
TMZ has reported that in addition to firing off such a mean remark, he went on to call her fat and ugly.
This all comes after a article that had been published in the Post back on Aug 16th "trying " to explain why the Trumpster had been so grumpy lately.
Trump fired back at the post by calling the Post a "loser "and that it is on it's way out of the door right along with "AOL."
Whoa! Arianna, it seems as though you really pissed Donald off! He ripped you a new one! What a low blow to throw out for the world that your Ex whom is now a gay activist, left you for another man.
Geesh, Donald, all the money in the world couldn't buy back that statement.
Keep your head up Arianna, there is a man for you out there somewhere, who won't think that you are ugly and fact and I promise.... he won't leave you for another man.

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