Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Corner's Block: Women that want to know: why he just isn't feelin' her..

Okay, women, I thought I would take this time, to sit you down and discuss some of the problem's that we as women face in our every day relationship's with men, whether it be business or personal..

Ladies, have you ever wondered, why it is that the man you are madly in love with, just isn't feeling you? I think that I can sum that up in a few short sentences, but first I would like to fill you in on on a couple of thing's that you may or may not know about men.. First thing's first: were you aware that when a man thinks he has found the right woman for him, he tends to fall in love faster then she does? (true fact) The funny thing about that is, he will never let you in on that secret..why? well let's just chalk it up to his ego for now..

Secondly, if you are a woman trying to win a man over by showing him that you are a strong independent woman, who doesn't need a man to define her self worth... then I'm afraid to say, that you'll be keeping the bench warm, just like those football player's waiting to be ran in a play on the field.. or should I say.. with that type of attitude..you..will..get..played! A man doesn't want to feel as if he has picked someone just as hard as him to lay down with at the end of the day.. sure he'll do what he needs to do, to get in between your thigh's, but then he's out.. Your independent and don't need a man to define you as a woman..remember? so in his mind, he feels you don't need him, "you got this!"
Thirdly: Women, if you have a man over to your house, don't leave your nasty under-wear just lying around for him to see ( you shouldn't have any dirty panties laying around  in the first place, but just in case you do) That is a for sure sign for a man to see  that your hygiene may not be up to par..

Here is my favorite, and it kills the game off top for a man, you can't be looking all boss like, and your child looks as if he'd been playing in the sand box all day long, that had mud and poop in it..."yuk!" snot running from his nose, and a pamper, that looks as if it hasn't been changed in a week, dinner hasn't been cooked and you been home all day! First thing he is going to think is: " WTF!" which, is quite understandable.. Ladies we are not in the generation where we as women should be sitting back, allowing a man to work his finger's to the bone... you got's to have your getter's right, and by "getter's" I mean ambition!

Now back to the beginning when I said, have you ever wondered why the man that you are deeply in love with, just isn't feeling you.. reason: your good enough to sex, however, somewhere along the line you turned him off in a major way! and the best advice I can give to you, is move on! don't invest not nan notha second on this Dog.. and it is my deepest opinion, that all men are Dog's, you just gotta choose your breed.. I for one, am a lover of Rot's, Pit's, and most def.. I gotta have at lease one
 Bull Dog in my lifetime!!
 Remember, a man is quite simple.. all he want's is to be fed, good h**d, and to be left the hell alone..remember those three thing's, and he's your's for life..

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