Monday, August 6, 2012

Corner's Block: My Apologies..

This is going to be quick, however, this is not a random thought.. I'm going to call this my Corner's Block, Here is where I'll post all of my crazy, random, thoughts and any apologies to anyone, that I may seem to upset on this journey I call "BLOGGING'... with this being my first apology..

In a recent Article I blogged about 50 cent and Mayweather, I feel I may have offended some people.. let me assure you that was not my intention.. I am a fan of both of these men, and could truly care less, what goes on behind any one's closed door's... with that being said, let me explain, what it is I was trying to say,
There are alot of men that have wife' girlfriends that are having relationship with men, just like there are women that are doing just that same thing.. that door swings both way's! It doesn't matter if your in a relationship with two men or two women, it is morally wrong to deceive your partner into believing that he/she is the only one that you are being intimate with, whether it's with another man or not!
Women have the right to know, am I right or wrong? It's far more acceptable for a man to come to terms with his, being intimate with another woman ( although, that's pushing it too.)

All I'm saying is.. be it a entertainer, artist, or a every day regular Joe.. be up front and honest with the in your life, and if women are not what you are into..that's okay, who are we to judge?  Maybe using Floyd and 50 was an inappropriate example,so for that, I apologize.. however, that's all it was,an..example.. not to mention... It's only an opinion..
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