Thursday, August 9, 2012

Without Ever Seeing..

I am a woman first, before all, I am a woman with needs, I want the essence of all the beauty on earth to consume every inch of my being.
I'm in love with every picture that's been painted, without ever seeing..
I can feel the gentle flow of the waves evaporate through my body with such a gentle ease.. the wind caresses the back of my neck, begging me to get lost in the cool breeze. The sound's the Eagles make as they fly over the darkening sky..the smell from the fresh ocean...what a instant high..

My body is relaxed, my mind on auto-ease, the tide slowly washes away, but not before caressing me.. the ocean glared, with a gleam, from the ray of sun as it buries itself into the depth of the sea, not wanting to control the burst of excitement that rages within me, a rage that only the water can see, ohhh.. the secrets that we shared, the thing's that I confided in thee.. this beach and I share so many memories.

So now, I'll wait until the next time, for the tide to sweep me off my feet, wait until the ocean whispers again something sweet.. Yes, I belong here, so calm and serene, wanting the very essence of earth to caress my every being, watching my perfect picture being painted, without ever really seeing..
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