Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poets vs Rapper B-Ball Voter's Registration Drive, Went Off Like.. Boom!!

As we all know, Election day is November 6, which is right around the corner, and it is at this time of the year, that some people may feel, why should they get out and vote? what is the purpose right?
I'll tell you what the purpose is, how can we as Americans complain about anything our shady Government is doing,if we as fellow Americans are not letting our voices be heard! Every vote matters.
This is why Lou Collins, Jess Flo and Vegas Bynyte, felt it imperative to throw Poets vs Rappers B-Ball Registration Drive, at the Dr. William U Pearson, community center in Las Vegas, to allow people to get out there and vote no matter what race, religion, or creed.
With Wizdom Phoenix opening the game up by delivering a breathtaking performance of the " National Anthem," her performance was truly music to all the on-goers ears.
The gymnasium was packed and the crowd was hyped! The Rapper's seemed to be running a great game, but when it was all said and done.. the Poets, spanked some serious ass and put this game to rest.
Both teams played a great game, and of course, the goal of the event was not lost.
I had a chance to speak with Criz Milz, originally, from Indiana about what his political views were. Criz, stated that he was actually going to be voting for Obama for a second term, He had his own opinion's saying this: "People focus too much on voting every four years for the Presidential race, when in fact the focus should be every two years, the same people are  in house, and have been for years,maybe some of  the people in house should be rotated, Criz went on to say that this event is a perfect example of how we as parents should be preparing our children to vote..something we didn't have when we were coming up".
All in all the event went great! with the Poets taking their winning lead, ending the game with 69/43.
 Kudos, to Lou, Jess, and Vegas By Nyte, for doing such a wonderful job on this event!

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