Friday, August 31, 2012

Renoun Director, Tony Scott Death Still Un-clear

Authorities are not wanting to call the renouned film director, Tony Scott death a suicide,He was the famous director of many films with "Top Gun" being the first to come to mind. Authorities will not be making any judgement calls into the toxicology report comes in.
The information obtained by TMZ States that the manor of Tony Scott death is "pending per investigation
Recent reports state that Tony was found under the "Vincent Thomas bridge" in Los Angeles.
He had been in the film industry 43 year's, and his cause of death is expected within the next few weeks.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is It True? Rhianna And Rob Kardashian An Item?!

It has been reported byHollywood Life and other sources, that Rhianna and Rob Kardashian are now a item is this rumor a true fact?
After being noticed hanging out with a group of peers in LA this weekend, the rumors began to circulate that Rhianna and the only son to the Kardashians were a item.
However Rob cleared the air telling Ryan Seacrest "it was just me and a bunch of women hanging out at "Go kart place" Rihanna and I share a mutual friend and we were all there to celebrate her birthday."
Despite the rumors of Rob and  Rihanna being a item were un-true, he left Ryan feeling that there just may be something on the horizon for "Rock Nations" Rita Ora.
However MTV Reports that Rita told Complex magazine "it's not really a relationship it's not that intense he's a cool guy we're good friends I got his back and he has mine."
Listen in this day in age a true and dear friend is hard to find, who cares if it's simply a platonic relationship "hint hint," I heard those make for the best relationships and I believe it!
Good luck Rob, I hope it all works out for the best.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Donald Trump Crushes Arianna Huffington's Ego, By Stating That Her Ex Michael Huffington, Had Every Right To Leave Her For Another Man? T

What a traumatic insult it must of been to Have Donald Trump tell her, her Ex Michael had every right to leave her for another man!
TMZ has reported that in addition to firing off such a mean remark, he went on to call her fat and ugly.
This all comes after a article that had been published in the Post back on Aug 16th "trying " to explain why the Trumpster had been so grumpy lately.
Trump fired back at the post by calling the Post a "loser "and that it is on it's way out of the door right along with "AOL."
Whoa! Arianna, it seems as though you really pissed Donald off! He ripped you a new one! What a low blow to throw out for the world that your Ex whom is now a gay activist, left you for another man.
Geesh, Donald, all the money in the world couldn't buy back that statement.
Keep your head up Arianna, there is a man for you out there somewhere, who won't think that you are ugly and fact and I promise.... he won't leave you for another man.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Love You Couldn't Reel In!

I will forever be reminded of my first love, the way he walked, the way he talked and even the down to the scent he would splash onto his muscular frame.
I guess in life your only allowed one first love, and anyone after that..well then your left feeling like a heroin or crack addict trying to achieve that mind altering sensational high!
Unfortunately, that high, you may never feel again. It's crazy how we compare anyone that may be a future prospect to that great old flame we refuse to emotionally let go!
What keeps us tied to that one we let slip away? maybe there are children involved that our constant reminders of what use to be or maybe it's the fact that you could never Reel this particular fish In.
Why is it that we want what we cannot have and disregarded what we can have?
It's funny because some people go through their whole life searching for that one person they share common interest and chemistry with and never find it! Why is it that when you have found the qualities your in search of in a individual, their usually: Married, Gay, or just plain ole unavailable? Why do we put ourselves through the torture of wanting what we can not have?  Is it a challenge? Or is it simply pride that wont allow the ego to accept that he or she, just isn't that  into you..
Whatever the case may be, it's comforting to know that the "Want what we can't have club" in their quiet moment has that fish that got away, swimming in the pool that has been dug in the back of their mind!

Lindsay Lohan Accused Of 100,000 Dollar Heist!

Lindsay is officially a suspect in the theft of 100,000 Dollar's worth of sunglasses and watches.
TMZ Reports, Lindsay was at a overnight party at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid.
Both Lindsey and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both suspects in the theft.
There is a kind of awkward twist to the story: Sam Magid Has now recanted his accusations, it is still un-clear why, being that he is a incredibly wealthy man with nothing to gain from outting Lindsay.
So why the sudden change of heart?
Authorities have released statements to
TMZ stating that they will not be dropping the charges because they feel that there are ample enough witness that are ready to point the finger and blow the whistle on Lindsay and Gavin.
Lindsay this is not a good look for you being that you are currently on probation for a theft case involving a necklace in a Venice jewelry store!
Honestly Lindsay, sometimes I think you like being in those orange County blues, eating terrible food, and being seduced by "Nancy, the teaser, the girl part pleaser."
Seriously, Lindsay what is the problem? With all the money that you should have accumulated over the years there is no excuse for the sticky fingers that apparently you have.
Seems to me as if you're crying out for help and loudly for everyone and anyone to hear! You are way too young for the path that you are creating for yourself, no one knows what demons you are battling at the end of the day, but one thing for sure is.. if you don't Seek the appropriate help that you are so desperately in need of, then I'm sad to say you will end up just another child star lost to the industry..

The Soul Collector..

Las Vegas, the city where the Stars shine bright and dreams come true, streetwalkers can make thousands of dollars in one "Opening", Dancers are glorified and the poor is ignored.
At first glance you can absolutely fall in love with all the with the beautiful lights and plush serene surroundings.
But don't be fooled! this city comes like a thief in the night, and will steal every ounce of  joy embedded in your body, and engulf your very being.
This is a merciless city, it has no heart! Only here to collect souls! Every soul has a price.. At what price are you willing to pay?
If you've ever been to the beautiful city of Las Vegas, then you know just what I mean by, you can't walk two feet on the STRIP without a man or woman, that can barley speak English handling out business cards for Prostitution, a world that anyone can join.
What message are we sending our young children both male and female, "that it's okay to sell what you have between your legs or behind your back (if that's your thing)..
Are we then saying that this behavior and way of making a living is acceptable because this is "Vegas"?
Let's just pray that our parents of today are showing our children the love and providing them with guidance and giving them the proper tools they will need to fight off those wolves that prey on the young.
I'd also like to address the cons, fakes, and liars here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it makes a lot more sense to be upfront and honest about who you are and about where you are going (Ijs).. be real with Self first in life rather than lie and cheat and put out false portrayals of ones self, not only is it mis~leading, but in fact makes you look like the FOOL that you really are! Please keep in mind that at the end of the day a real Entreprenuer slash business woman/man, will not enter any type of Business relationship contingent upon lies and false hoods! Thank God for the EMG'S and Glaze TV,s!
As for the Richard's and Rick's of Las Vegas, that fall under the category of "Preying On The Weak" Never lose focus of the people you burn along the way, and it is people like you here in Vegas, that will sink and be eaten by the Piranhas in this,  ever so hateful pool, that they call "Sin City "

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Usher Granted Primary Custody of He and Tameka's Two Young Children!

Friday, Tameka Foster, lost her fight in the child custody war between her and Usher.TMZ REPORT'S, that Tameka is gearing up to appeal the Judges decision of granting primary custody of the two youngest children to Usher and in fact, believes that the Judge connection to Usher may have had some type of influence on Ushers ruling,TMZ also has reported that Tameka claims that Ushers Law Firm threw a Election Fundraiser for the judge back in "08" and this could be the very reason why the Judge ruled in Ushers favor.
Wow, what else can be said after that? The sad thing about the Tameka/Usher custody battle is this, here we have a mother that has lost one of her children in a tragic boating accident and now to have her two young children ripped away from her, it's like experiencing the death of three children.
What about the two siblings of Kile? Has anyone asked how and what they feel? Or even what they want? They have suffered a tremendous lost, and now our lovely judicial system wants to rip them away from there mother.. truly a damn shame! Keep your head up Tameka we're rooting for you. <br></p>

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prince Harry, Bares All During His Stay In Vegas!

TMZ Reports that apparently, Prince Harry has been offered 10 million dollars by Steve Hirsch "Vivid Entertainment" to perform sexual acts in a xxx Rated movie, the movie would be called "The Trouble With Harry " this coming from a recent trip Prince Harry made to Vegas, where he was captured running about nude.
I'm not too sure what the protocol may be regarding someone in royalty performing in xxx film's, however, I will say this "in my opinion,it's not a good look for the Prince of England, to be seen committing any type of sexual act for the public eye to see, it is for one, disrespectful to the Royal family, and just plain ole un-acceptable in any form! I'm looking forward to see what the final outcome may be.. Let's just hope that for now ..Prince Harry keeps his pants on.

Friday, August 24, 2012

No Thank You, Shes Just Not That Into You..

We have all heard the Men's version of just not being into a woman,Now it is time for a woman to let the cat out of the bag about us women, and when to get it through your thick brain, that.. Listen, she's just not that into to you.
if your in a relationship with a woman and she feels the need to go out to the club and shake her ass for every man to see, on the dance floor droppin' it like it's hot, (looking a hot ass mess,) with her wig tilted to the side, sluring while she is trying to recite " What's Your Favorite Drink" By Twista.
Then men, I'm sorry to say that the reason your woman feels it necessary to go out every weekend, is because she is looking for some excitement that obviously she is not getting at home.. "hint..hint.."

Or, have you ever experienced the woman, who just can't seem to make it home from work on time.. HELLO!!!... Stupid!!.. did it ever cross your mind that while your simpleton ass is sitting at home waiting for your, ever so loving wife, to waltz through your home you both share together, eagerly waiting for her to prepare supper and you've been sitting your tired ass at home all day, that maybe she's out with the one who's holding down a 9-5 and has his own everything?  Listen, a woman does not want to feel as if she has another child to take care of in being with you.. this is a for sure sign, that it's a rap or soon to be!

Here's a true, for sure fact that a woman just isn't that into you, when you turn over and try to be intimate with her and she says to you "Not tonight, I have a headache" and this continues for months and months at a time.. this woman, is miserable! And wants this tragedy to be over as quickly as possible! You repulse her and the very thought of you touching her makes.. her..sick!
My advice to the gentlemen in this relationship, is to dump this chic with last weeks trash, because if left in the in the house too long, it will attract flies, and flies turn into magets!! (If you get my drift.)
So there you have it, straight from a woman's mouth.. good luck.. and always remember, if it hurts, then baby, she just isn't that into you ..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Y.A Poet, Leading By Example..

Y.A Poet other known as Earnest Monroe, has made his mark on the Vegas community, for his powerful words and performances in films such as Bad Conscious, 2 sides of black, Rocking Chair with his most recent film being " Leaving Las Vegas" which he is directing himself. Y feels that the message that he is trying to send to the community is, a person does not have to be negative, there is a higher power, Y, went on to say that he reveals what that higher power is in each film that he produces.
Currently Y, is the Ceo of Loose Change Production and in the near future he is looking to own his own lounge here in Las Vegas.
Earnest is showing by example to children in and around Las Vegas, that there is more to life then selling drugs and hanging out on the streets. He brings hope to a community where so much negative seems to be rising constantly, however with Y's support, these young children wont go wrong, with him leading by example.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lindsay Lohan, Allowed Her Friends To Rob My Home!

Did Lindsay Lohan allow her criminal minded friend's to rob another friends home after he allowed her to throw a over night party in his up-scale home? Yes, According to TMZ she surly did, and it's been reported that when questioned by authorities, she had been a little on the rude side with the officer.<br>
Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay we are so, getting sick and tired of your childish behavior and lack of respect of others as well of yourself! Quite frankly, you have made a complete joke of yourself, "A Nation Wide ass.." might I add.. But hey.. I guess. And as for the bright minded gentlemen that allowed Lindsay to let his home be burglarized, that was your stupid decision. For future reference, it's probably not a good idea for anyone who has had one too many dui's to lend them your house to have a house party in.. Guess you won't be the head behind that mule again.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Un-Wanted Baggage, When Is It Time To Take The Trash Out?!

I think that sometimes a woman can be hurt to a point where she begins to feel numb to all the madness that surrounds her. A trusting, loving , caring woman, will give you the shoes off of her back, she will allow you to come into her home to escape the nasty weather that one city can bring from season to season.
However, this type of woman is often used, and ends up not feeling as appreciated as she would like to feel, thus, leaving her vulnerable to certain situations and circumstances. This type of woman may spend years spinning her wheels trying to find herself, and often can become bitter from all of life's disappointments, she begins to put up walls and barriers that may be hard for anyone to break through!
This is a bad thing ladies: We as women have had our battles of heartaches, being left to take care of our homes, hold down a 9-5, deal with the children, and on top of all that.. there is still the father of the child/children, that you periodically have to argue with, because in his mind, he feels if he isn't in the home, or getting a free "ride" if you know what I mean.. then why should he be a father to the child he has laid up and had with you?
Yes, ladies, I know.. we have been dealt a shitty hand to play, however,
Although we have went through the battles with certain individuals, children's fathers, employer's or just every day people that you may interact with in life, we must remember, that everyone should not be put in the same boat.
I can assure you carrying UN-wanted baggage around with you in life, will only cause UN-wanted problems for you in your relationship, no matter what the relationship is.. Take it from me, there are some really great people left on this big, round ,green ,earth that are genuinely looking to only show you the finer things that life has to offer, however sometimes we as women can no longer see those good people because we have been so focused on the bad ones, which in turn keeps us as women at at stand still in life because now there is fear present, and when I speak of fear.. I am not referring to the kind of fear that will have a coward running from a fight in the streets, like a damsel in distress, but rather the kind of fear that when you see that couple that walks down the street holding hands, you die little by little, because you are in fear of the unknown if you were to leave yourself exposed, because in fact you are looking, damn near yearing..if not desperate for that same thing..(okay, okay..I may have went a little overboard with that desperate crap.., but you get my drift) am I right or wrong? Listen, a coward dies a thousand's deaths! You must be willing to grow, and allow those people that are trying to show you love, through actions rather then talk into your life then maybe you will begin to see the true essence of beauty, peace, and happiness, which will allow you the chance to begin to break down the walls and the chains that keep you yourself . I can only speak of things that I am familiar with and just as I type these very words to you, I am no better then you by far, I have made alot of mistakes in my life, but the key was: did I learn anything from what I have experienced?
I would have to say, absolutely! The power is in knowing, that you can break down the walls that you have built for yourself, question is: what will you have gained from going through life not knowing how thing's could have turned out, because you lived in fear.

Food For Thought:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poets vs Rapper B-Ball Voter's Registration Drive, Went Off Like.. Boom!!

As we all know, Election day is November 6, which is right around the corner, and it is at this time of the year, that some people may feel, why should they get out and vote? what is the purpose right?
I'll tell you what the purpose is, how can we as Americans complain about anything our shady Government is doing,if we as fellow Americans are not letting our voices be heard! Every vote matters.
This is why Lou Collins, Jess Flo and Vegas Bynyte, felt it imperative to throw Poets vs Rappers B-Ball Registration Drive, at the Dr. William U Pearson, community center in Las Vegas, to allow people to get out there and vote no matter what race, religion, or creed.
With Wizdom Phoenix opening the game up by delivering a breathtaking performance of the " National Anthem," her performance was truly music to all the on-goers ears.
The gymnasium was packed and the crowd was hyped! The Rapper's seemed to be running a great game, but when it was all said and done.. the Poets, spanked some serious ass and put this game to rest.
Both teams played a great game, and of course, the goal of the event was not lost.
I had a chance to speak with Criz Milz, originally, from Indiana about what his political views were. Criz, stated that he was actually going to be voting for Obama for a second term, He had his own opinion's saying this: "People focus too much on voting every four years for the Presidential race, when in fact the focus should be every two years, the same people are  in house, and have been for years,maybe some of  the people in house should be rotated, Criz went on to say that this event is a perfect example of how we as parents should be preparing our children to vote..something we didn't have when we were coming up".
All in all the event went great! with the Poets taking their winning lead, ending the game with 69/43.
 Kudos, to Lou, Jess, and Vegas By Nyte, for doing such a wonderful job on this event!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Real World" Star Joey Kovar Dead, Too Young!

"Real World" star Joey Kovar has died of an alleged drug overdose. TMZ sources has stated that he was found bleeding from the ears and nose. Kovar's body was found on Friday by Chicago, Ridge police officials, as well as the local Fire Department.
Sources state that Kovar died from a mixture of Cocaine, Alcohol, and Viagra all combined. If you can recall Kovar actually left the "Real World" in the middle of Season"9" to allow him to attend rehab for the apparent drug and alcohol problem that he was battling, Kovar was also on the hit show "Celebrity Rehab."Joey's family does not believe that a drug overdose was the actual cause of death because he had been doing so well. Further investigation will be conducted.
Another one bites the dust is the name of the game, another Television "star" gone due to a so called drug overdose, My prayers go out to Joey's family and may they find solice in their times of need!

WellsInk, Sends A Huge Thank You To It's Reader's..

WellsInk would like to send a very special thank you to all it's reader's, but mainly the reader's in diffrent Countries! I'd like to thank readers in Japan, Sweden, Korea, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Finland, Netherlands,Ukraine and Mexico.. you guys have been great!! if there is a topic that readers would like to focus on, then please feel free to leave in the comment box what topic it is you want discussed and WellsInk will make sure your request are filled!
To WellsInk readers, here in the USA, thanks you guys, you have made us feel special..hearts, hugs, and kisses to you all!

Cast Member From "Bad Girls Club" Drea Dominique Hits Las Vegas!

Guess who will be touching down in Las Vegas? Drea Dominique from season 9 "Bad Girls Club", has now signed with Endeavor Media Group, where Andre' Haynes is the CEO...
Guess who will be bringing you all the hot details of where Drea is headed in here career..
No other then Wellsink.. inking out your business, and doing it well!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Were There Hidden Problems On The Set Of The "Today Show" Between Matt Lauer And Ann Curry?

Was there always trouble on the set of  "Today" between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, during her run on the hit show?  sources from omg!Yahoo has reported on Thursday's show "Lauer joked that the Women's Olympic tradition should be that “you throw her in the Hudson River." Teasing the women about one of the teammates that was flung in the water, But the best laugh was saved for last, right before Roker threw to another segment, when he blurted out to Lauer that the women’s tradition “is different than our tradition, which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story." As the Olympians laughed awkwardly, both Lauer and Guthrie said through their teeth, “Mr. Roker!”
Get this, in a previous article I had written on Ann and her leaving "Today" it was never made clear in that article on just what it was that prompt her to make such a rash decision after 25 years on the show. Well there was no reason given to the public at that time..since, new statement's have been released by sources from omg!Yahoo, stating that "It’s been widely reported that Lauer, 54, was the one responsible for Curry, 55, getting the axe from the NBC morning show in June because he didn’t feel she was up to par and he wanted a new co-host.

So let's just say for arguments sake that Ann was released from her position because, she just simply wasn't young enough to keep up with him on the show, as he stated she just wasn't up to par.. Let me ask you something Matt, who made you the judge of Ann being up "to par" by who's standards? Yours? well then I guess you are not who the public wants to see when we turn into the "Today" show. Your old and it's beginning to become more apparent just how old you are with each passing year.. so I'll tell you what, the public would like to see a young, strapping, handsome man take your place! Is there any way that NBC could comply with the public demands? Because truly, Matt.. you just don't meet Americas standards anymore and you have outgrown the show!
Shame on you for being so inconsiderate to a woman that sat by your side for 25 years! Where is the loyalty?? Ann, you are still America's favorite "Girl" When one's speaks of the "Today" show, we are surly to be reminded of the beautiful smile you would display that lit up the screen.. You are in all of our prayer's and the best of luck to you Ann!! And kudos to you Al for speaking up!     firing-on-live-tv.html/

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Talkin Bout You!!

Hiding behind, keyboard's and screens and material things.. to really mask your inner feelings.. mad because I'm not walkin around with my face held down, doing thing's you only wish you could do.. mad because I opt out of trying to be-friend you.. Just because "MY" people like you, don't mean, that I do!
You do not make my world spin round,.. bishes like you, come a dime a dozen, here in this town. I kiss no ass, and I bars way none, talkin bout thing's you don't know about me.. will getcha feelin's hurt son!
I don't care who you are, don't care where you and I.. we aint cool, ain't neva been friends,..cut the games there's no need to pretend!
Don't speak to me, and I damn sure won't speak to you...
This ain't no round about talk..if you feelin' some type of way... well then..I'm talkin bout  you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sleepless In Vegas

Hello world, it appears to be another lonely evening,sleepless in Vegas. Tonight I'd just assume not to toss and turn in bed, while my television blares in the background, and watches me while I toss and turn.. no, not tonight.
I'd rather stay awake and talk to you from behind the screen of my PC. Funny how in the dark of the night everything seems to be more amplified.. The smoke detectors seemed to chirp at a louder rate, the water that drips from the faucet seems to hit the porcelain in such a way, that every drop can be heard.. Who am I kidding? it's peaceful.
Maybe it's the craziness of this world that leaves me awake at night staring at the ceiling wanting to absorb the quiet that surrounds me..
Maybe I'll try drinking a warm glass of milk to help me dim the lids of my eye's.. yea right! drinking warm milk, for me would be like taking a bite of some one else cereal..from the same spoon.. yuke!
Well, I wont take up anymore of your time, may your world be rocked by the person you love tonight, and to the casino goers..May you go home a little richer then you were prior to leaving the comforts of your home.. and to the street walkers, I hope you have some type of weapon on you, just in case you hop in the wrong car, or enter the wrong hotel room, and last but not lease.. to all those that are throwing bottles back, be sure that you have someone responsible to drive you home..lord knows we don't need to hear about another pedestrian or driver losing their life all because you felt the need to drive your dumb self home drunk!!
Goodnight Vegas,sweet dreams..

"The Leak Of The Real Plan Of The Globalist Elite"

Some may call me a conspiracy theorist, however I am here to point out a few things that are very apparent to the seeing eye.. I would first like to touch on the matter of the concentration camps that are being constructed all over our nation.. When I first began to do the research on these camps six year's ago, I was not so sure of all the things that I had been, so I took it upon myself to do the research. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the information that I would soon be releasing..was in fact accurate information, by the end of this article you may still be a skeptic, but I would advise you to do the research yourself! please do not rely solely on the information that you read here..

Going back to the concentration camps, they in fact do exist, I have seen with my own two eye's! One of these camps is actually located in California's State Capitol, Sacramento, Ca. Upon my visit to the camp, it appeared to look as if, it was just your typical Military Base that is no longer being used for a base but rather a empty lot where obviously Soldiers at one point in time had worked.

As I continued to walk my way through this huge empty lot, there sat wooden coffins upon coffins.. at first sight, chills ran up and down my arms and I questioned myself about why these coffins would even be at this old Military base, and as I continued my journey for the truth it had become more evident that America's future is most definitely on the line! It is my sincere belief that here is where Fema will take UN-willing citizens to execute when that time has come, below I will attach a link and it is my advice that you read on to continue to find the truth as to allow you to prepare yourself when the time comes..

I also would like to inform you of something else that has troubled me from the beginning and that is a transcript that I have read "The Protocol Of Toronto,A leak of the real plan of the Globalist Elite" (if you have a phone that allows you to download apps, this is one to download)
This is a translation from the French of a document compiled by a clique of senior financiers who met in Canada in 1967 and then in 1985. Its a pretty explosive paper which documents a far reaching conspiracy to set up a global government by means of corrupting the people and finances of nation states, and much else besides. I think its extremely interesting but there is no doubt that most people will shake their heads in wonder that a group like this could really exist.

It comes to us via an investigative journalist in Canada called Serge Monast (1945-1996), who died a year after releasing this document from a heart attack suffered in suspicious circumstances only a day after he was released from jail. He was quite a well known and respected figure whom you can see give a lecture in French in the image opposite and on video here:
Entailed in this transcript is Serge stating why CPS was implemented and he clearly states " Make no mistake about it CPS is not here to protect your children or anyone else for that matter, but rather breakdown the family structure. After reading this transcript in totality, I came to the realization that we as Americans have been dooped, hoodwinked and it is now that we must gear up for the fight! Do not be mis-lead by the things that we are being told by our Government.. and as I stated earlier, please do not take my word for it..begin to do the research so that you will be prepared, take the rose filled glasses off and begin to see things for what they really are!

To all my fellow Americans, please lets stop hating one another and place our anger in the appropriate hands, which is our Government! If you don't read anything else! Please be sure to click on the links that I have provided for you! this is a article you don't want to miss, our very way of living is now in jeopardy and our Government has been preparing to Implement the NWO (New World Order) for many, many, many years now! Is this all part of the battle of Good vs Evil? or has our Government pulled the ultimate plan of hate and destruction to be showered over this earth, I don't have the answer to that question.. but I will say this, Love one another because we are all going to need each other in the near times to come..
This is WellsInk sadly signing out..


How Is Chad Feeling After His Dismissal From The Dolphins?

As previously reported by Tmz, the night of the heated argument between Lozada and Johnson, he repeatedly stated that he did not give a f*** about  his career, Let's see if he still standing so strongly behind his conventions. Chad sent out a tweet to his fans and the public Tuesday saying "I haven't had to tread water in a long time...special thank you to my for keeping me afloat..."

The the fall of his career continues to escalate, on Sunday, the Wide Receiver was dropped from the Miami Dolphins and the footage was captured by the HBO show "Hard Knock" which aired on Tuesday night.
In the meantime, his wife Lozada has since filed for divorce on Tuesday, just a short 41 days after they took that faithful walk down the isle.

The VH1 series Evo and Ocho has been pulled by the network, and on Wednesday, Coconut-Water brand Zico murdered their deal with Johnson. The company had this to say "In light of recent events involving Mr. Johnson, we have decided to terminate our relationship. The values we espouse, through our employees, our customers and our brand, are central to our mission. We have taken this proactive step to demonstrate just how important those values are."

The couple married July, 4th and it is sad to see it end so quickly, as in my last report regarding this very unfortunate situation, Domestic Violence should never be accepted in any form, and I guess Evelyn is showing him the true meaning of "zero tolerance" for him putting any parts of his body on hers that will cause injury to her.. Good for you Evelyn! what a way to show women that this type of behavior is not to be tolerated by anyone!!

Chad, you have really made a mess of your career and it is very sad to see you quickly slide down the latter due to this one particular situation. I hope that you take the appropriate measures that are needed in order for you to get back in the game, and we hope that you have learned a valuable lesson.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You've Found A Mirage..

So many secrets, so many games, we are under attack, so sad what a shame.. family seems like stranger's friend's are now foe's, when will women grow up to teach their daughter's to be ladies, and not confused hoe's! Babies having babies, umph.. that's a damn shame, half the time can't remember the father's name, laid down with him, justa make some quick change...

Afraid to go to sleep because of the secrets that I keep, all the pain that I have endured, sometimes leaves me unable to weep, me and my baby sister, fell out over a jeep? mad because I'm what you would call..the so called black sheep! Every since our mama died we barely even speak! But that's what the enemies does, he tries to keep us weak!

Move on..full throttle.. that's what my mental mind said.. but when I lay down, touch the pillow, past thoughts creep in my head. I can't sleep, I can't think, might as well be on a fast, gotta stop my mind from racing, so I guess I'll push the gas...

Need that mental almost all the time, if I can't get's like ya rhythm has no rhyme, I need it all the time. I'm cut from a different cloth,I would say I'm on the hard side, but men like me soft.. I don't need a entourage, If you think you've found a sucka..then like in the desert, you've found a Mirage!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Marco Hall, Will We Soon Be Seeing Him Box His Way Out Of Rings In Youngstown and Into The Rings Of Vegas?

Weighing in at 134 Pound's, Marco Hall has made his mark around Youngstown, Ohio as being the next "Champ" on the rise. This 27-year-old young man has displayed the true meaning of determination and just what it takes to achieve higher ground.
Marco took his career to Pro level back in July of 2011, as a light weight Boxer. He has stated that the love for the sport came when he was 16 years of age with his older brother Rasheen Daniels being the root of his inspiration.
Marco grew up in the small town of Warren, Ohio, where to some people, may be almost impossible to get out of. With the resources for job's being very limited and the crime rate that is constantly on the rise, He found a way to fight his way out of some very unfortunate circumstances and into a better way of living for his daughter, Nadia,11 and himself.
Marco has trained with former World Champion, Cory Spinks at the Don King camp, and  he is currently 2-0 with 2 knockouts and a draw.

Hall went on to state that it is his sister, Cheredy Hall, that is his biggest supporter and without her by his side, he would be in a world of trouble, being that she is his right hand man. Hall seems to have a deep admiration for his brother Rasheen and sister Cheredy, and that seems to be all the motivation he needs to keep pushing him all the way to the top.

He went on to say that it has been his ultimate goal to train for the Floyd Mayweather "Money Team" camp in Las Vegas, Nevada, one day, and has that to look forward to in the near future. With Marco's overall determination to rise above any occasion, I'm sure that he will be a face that will soon be known nation wide, good luck Mr. Hall, your fans await you!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chad Johnson, Released from Broward County Jail On Alleged Domestic Violence Charges.

Reportedly, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, was arrested last night on Domestic Violence charges against his "Basketball Wife" Evelyn Lozada, for head-butting her in a heated argument they were having.Tmz report's state the argument came after Lozada found condom receipts belonging to Johnson. Chad walked out of Broward County, sometime around 10:00a.m. this morning, but not before paying $2,500 in bail money. Report's also stated that Lozada, was so afraid of Chad, that she apparently ran to a neighbor's home to phone the police.
A rep from the "Miami Dolphins" released a statement toTmz stating, "We are aware of the situation, and we are in the process of gathering all the appropriate information.." Okay, first thing's first.. by no means do I condone Domestic Violence on anyone at any point in time, however, I have seen Evelyn in rare form on the hit show "Basketball Wives" and by no means does she strike me as the damsel in distress, or a weak link..

Do I believe that Chad in fact head-butt Evelyn? yes, I do! but I also feel that Evelyn was hurt by having had found a receipt for condoms in Chad's possession, which suggest that he may have been intimate or attempting to become intimate with another woman, and women tend to take that really personal, I know if it had been me...well..let's just stick to the topic at hand..
How many of you out there, think that once Evelyn found that receipt, she went all up side Chad's head..? so maybe, he was getting his ass kicked by his wife and head-butting her was the only way to get her to back up off of him.. that girl is a beast! Come on..don't act like you didn't see her whoop a few Chic's ass on "Basketball Wives."

Let me reiterate, I do not condone abuse at all whether it's, child abuse or spousal abuse, man hitting woman, or woman hitting man, it's just not right. Although I will say this. If a woman hauls off and punches or slap's a man in a heated argument, does he have the right to defend himself? I'm not saying that this is the case in the Chad and Evelyn situation, but I know alot of women who purposely set out to nick pick at their spouse/boyfriend, and there are times when a woman will be the one who throws the initial punch or slap.

Do you think that a man has every right to slap the taste buds from her mouth? or should he turn the other cheek? I'm going to say this..and think what you may,but If a man even looks as if he wants to hit me, I swear I wont be the one to play victim and call the police, nor will I fall to my knees and begin to sob out of control, all while holding whatever area of my body I was hit in.. I'm going t give him a run for his money. I know I may or may not win because, after all he is still a man that can out weigh me anytime, but to sit and let someone pounce on me, as if I were a man..just isn't going to happen..
With that being said, you never know what a couple is going through behind closed doors and it is not up to us "the public" to point finger's on who was right and who was wrong, because frankly, it's none of our business! but Evelyn, doesn't peg me as the type to let ANYONE get the best of her, not even her husband.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Without Ever Seeing..

I am a woman first, before all, I am a woman with needs, I want the essence of all the beauty on earth to consume every inch of my being.
I'm in love with every picture that's been painted, without ever seeing..
I can feel the gentle flow of the waves evaporate through my body with such a gentle ease.. the wind caresses the back of my neck, begging me to get lost in the cool breeze. The sound's the Eagles make as they fly over the darkening sky..the smell from the fresh ocean...what a instant high..

My body is relaxed, my mind on auto-ease, the tide slowly washes away, but not before caressing me.. the ocean glared, with a gleam, from the ray of sun as it buries itself into the depth of the sea, not wanting to control the burst of excitement that rages within me, a rage that only the water can see, ohhh.. the secrets that we shared, the thing's that I confided in thee.. this beach and I share so many memories.

So now, I'll wait until the next time, for the tide to sweep me off my feet, wait until the ocean whispers again something sweet.. Yes, I belong here, so calm and serene, wanting the very essence of earth to caress my every being, watching my perfect picture being painted, without ever really seeing..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Men/Women Cheat, And What You Should Do Once That Information Goes Viral!!

Corners Block: Why Men/Women Cheat, And What You Should Do Once That Information Goes Viral!!

I would love to sit here and type to you all sort's of cliche's that I think you may want to hear, but since I am not the type to put pepper in tea, and pass it off as sugar, I'm going to be as real and up front as I can be, because hey.. you can get bulls**t from the people that sit in your everyday circle trying to pass off as your "friend" right?

Now, to all the women out there that are in loving relationship's, I need for you to pay real close attention, because this vital information, is really to be sold not told, however, I feel compelled to fill you all in on one bit of information: Once there has been a betrayal of trust,on any type of level in a relationship, there could be scars left that can not be healed.

Sometimes, a man can mess up to the point, that there is no coming back from, and then, there are those times, more often then not, that the woman will remain in the relationship after gaining knowledge of her Beau's mis- behaving.. she will have accepted all apologies, and even thinks that it is cute when he says some ole dumb shid like " Bae, she was good and all, but nothing like you!" WTF!!
So I'm not shocked that a man would feel if he has gotten away with it once, then why not test the water's twice? You have now just shown this man, that it is completely appropriate for him to disrespect you as a woman in total, and that you didn't respect yourself enough to put your foot down and demand your respect from the word Go!, so why should he respect you? you don't respect yourself! because after all, had the shoe been on the other foot, I'm quite sure that your guy would go Louie bananas, if you told him that the man you cheated on him with was, Ah~Mazing ..but, nothing compared to him.. shoot, a man doesn't want the thought of another man being with the woman that he is in love with to even creep into his mental mind, so why on earth would you accept it?
Point Blank: Men cheat because they can get away with it,(you have "allowed" him to do so,) they cheat because, they are not being pleased at home, or just plain ole, it is, what it is: the man wants some variety in his life, and if that's the case all I can say is.. Ummm.. "good luck with that!"

Men,  now I know how it just pains you to hear a woman go on and on about anything, so I'm going to make this real simple for you, in Caveman terms.
Women will tell you that she forgives you, and that thing's will continue to progress in the relationship after you have done whatever it is that you are apologizing for.. however, we're lying! Some women can be very vindictive, so you just may want to sleep with one eye open, depending on what level of crazy your chic is on. But, then there are those women, who secretly, and intentionally go behind your back and engage in  long, term relationships on the side for year's, because you decided to cheat, and that my friend, is what I call the ultimate pay back, not because I think that it's cool that this woman has cheated on her spouse for so many year's, but because, they have since had a child that is two month's old, there has been no more cheating, however, all three have been diagnosed with HIV, and the man she had been having an affair with, died Two month's ago, from complications due to HIV..
Now, living chained to the mistake's that they made, and the games that they played in their relationship, a innocent baby will lose her life.

Food For Thought: Respect yourself enough to walk away, what point are you proving, if your not alive to experience the meaning of True Love..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Corner's Block: Women that want to know: why he just isn't feelin' her..

Okay, women, I thought I would take this time, to sit you down and discuss some of the problem's that we as women face in our every day relationship's with men, whether it be business or personal..

Ladies, have you ever wondered, why it is that the man you are madly in love with, just isn't feeling you? I think that I can sum that up in a few short sentences, but first I would like to fill you in on on a couple of thing's that you may or may not know about men.. First thing's first: were you aware that when a man thinks he has found the right woman for him, he tends to fall in love faster then she does? (true fact) The funny thing about that is, he will never let you in on that secret..why? well let's just chalk it up to his ego for now..

Secondly, if you are a woman trying to win a man over by showing him that you are a strong independent woman, who doesn't need a man to define her self worth... then I'm afraid to say, that you'll be keeping the bench warm, just like those football player's waiting to be ran in a play on the field.. or should I say.. with that type of! A man doesn't want to feel as if he has picked someone just as hard as him to lay down with at the end of the day.. sure he'll do what he needs to do, to get in between your thigh's, but then he's out.. Your independent and don't need a man to define you as a woman..remember? so in his mind, he feels you don't need him, "you got this!"
Thirdly: Women, if you have a man over to your house, don't leave your nasty under-wear just lying around for him to see ( you shouldn't have any dirty panties laying around  in the first place, but just in case you do) That is a for sure sign for a man to see  that your hygiene may not be up to par..

Here is my favorite, and it kills the game off top for a man, you can't be looking all boss like, and your child looks as if he'd been playing in the sand box all day long, that had mud and poop in it..."yuk!" snot running from his nose, and a pamper, that looks as if it hasn't been changed in a week, dinner hasn't been cooked and you been home all day! First thing he is going to think is: " WTF!" which, is quite understandable.. Ladies we are not in the generation where we as women should be sitting back, allowing a man to work his finger's to the bone... you got's to have your getter's right, and by "getter's" I mean ambition!

Now back to the beginning when I said, have you ever wondered why the man that you are deeply in love with, just isn't feeling you.. reason: your good enough to sex, however, somewhere along the line you turned him off in a major way! and the best advice I can give to you, is move on! don't invest not nan notha second on this Dog.. and it is my deepest opinion, that all men are Dog's, you just gotta choose your breed.. I for one, am a lover of Rot's, Pit's, and most def.. I gotta have at lease one
 Bull Dog in my lifetime!!
 Remember, a man is quite simple.. all he want's is to be fed, good h**d, and to be left the hell alone..remember those three thing's, and he's your's for life..

Monday, August 6, 2012

Corner's Block: My Apologies..

This is going to be quick, however, this is not a random thought.. I'm going to call this my Corner's Block, Here is where I'll post all of my crazy, random, thoughts and any apologies to anyone, that I may seem to upset on this journey I call "BLOGGING'... with this being my first apology..

In a recent Article I blogged about 50 cent and Mayweather, I feel I may have offended some people.. let me assure you that was not my intention.. I am a fan of both of these men, and could truly care less, what goes on behind any one's closed door's... with that being said, let me explain, what it is I was trying to say,
There are alot of men that have wife' girlfriends that are having relationship with men, just like there are women that are doing just that same thing.. that door swings both way's! It doesn't matter if your in a relationship with two men or two women, it is morally wrong to deceive your partner into believing that he/she is the only one that you are being intimate with, whether it's with another man or not!
Women have the right to know, am I right or wrong? It's far more acceptable for a man to come to terms with his, being intimate with another woman ( although, that's pushing it too.)

All I'm saying is.. be it a entertainer, artist, or a every day regular Joe.. be up front and honest with the in your life, and if women are not what you are into..that's okay, who are we to judge?  Maybe using Floyd and 50 was an inappropriate example,so for that, I apologize.. however, that's all it was,an..example.. not to mention... It's only an opinion..

Will Knockout Clemons, Fighting His Way To The Very Top!!

His ambition is Strong, and his talent is UN-cut, he is a fighter, a father and a man of integrity.. he is Will Knockout Clemons, a Boxer on the rise. Will was raised on the ruff streets of Dayton, Ohio where he had to fight his way to be the best at everything he touched. Will knew that he would make his mark on the boxing community at a early age and soon after,began to fight for his dream.
I had the opportunity to meet Will Knockout Clemons, a few months back, and it was then that I learned that this young man has just what it takes to make it all the way to the top! He has been boxing for a period of 16 years and has recently made it Pro, where he is 3-0 with 2 "Knockout's" Will, has also been featured on the HBO boxing series, 24/7.
Born May, 31st, 1984, to Terry Clemons, and the proud father of six dotting children, it's clearly evident, just how much he loves and adores his children, along with his mother.
Will is currently training at the Floyd Mayweather's boxing gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, where his fans anxiously, await his return from having a eye surgery that was essential to have, in order to return to Vegas and climb into that, ole familiar ring, he was scheduled to fight on the May, 4th, 2012 card, however, did not pass Medical clearance, due to findings of a detached retina. he was advised by the Physician that was seeing him, he would never step into another ring again. Will was devastated by the bad news, but was determined not to give up hope. That is when "Knockout" decided that he would return to his home town Dayton,Ohio and get a second opinion!

Will has since had the surgery that he needed, and it appears that he will continue to knock em out, pound for pound.. round for round.. This humble man isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet.
I asked the question, that I think everyone is needing to know the answer to, and that is: coming back to Vegas from having the eye surgery, who is it that you want to square off with in the ring? and this is what "Knockout" had to say" I'm really a humble man, I don't set fourth to cause any problems, but I will say this, They can set em up, but I'll guarantee you...I'll knock em out!," he  went on to say, that the hardest part of him being out of the ring is, having to sleep on his face, to ensure that he doesn't cause further injury to his right eye..

And yes, ladies he is a winner, he states that he enjoys spending quality time with the woman in his life (by the way, he is still on the market!) whether it be bowling, shooting pool, or simply, walking down the street holding hands with the woman he adores... There you have it ladies, America's next heart throb, has just stepped into the ring of all of our homes and into all of our  heart's, young or old...we are all waiting to see who you will "Knockout" next.
For more information, please Google: "Will Knockout Clemons" or click on the attached link to view Pro Fight on YouTube.

Young Buck, Not Once..But Twice The Felon!

Young Buck, turns himself in, to do a 18  month bid for gun possession charges, TMZ report's

Why is it that every time some one from a not so prominent background, comes's into a little bit of money, they find themselves in more trouble as they were in before they came into the money, if not more?
Take Young Buck, for instance " a former member of 50 Cents G-Unit".
one would think that the money he acquired from being signed to G-Unit and all, that surely he wouldn't be taking any "long vacation's, if you know what I mean.." Why would anyone who is already a Felon, want to see or hear Red and blue in their rear view is beyond me, however Buck seems to have no  problem with going to sit it down for 18 months on gun charges from a couple of year's back.
It's bad enough that we as the American people must adhere to the rules and regulations that our ever so loving Government has lashed down upon us! and now you want to take it even further and be demeaned, and degraded by wearing, orange, blue and in some state's, "Pink" blues..

Now if putting a "Man" in pink County attire, isn't a sign of all out disrespect to the all American straight man.. then I don't know what is..
Why do we take the first opportunity to show the "people" that we are in fact just as ignorant as they perceive us to be? when we are not ignorant, dumb, unintelligent or anything else that they may feel derogatory towards the African American community's. There is a  President, and there are Author's, Lawyer's, Physician's, Scientist, Dancer's, Artist, and Athlete's, making major strides to show the world that "hey, we are here, we are intelligent and we can adapt just as well as any other human here on this big green earth! Tell me, what is so exciting about being told when you can eat, sleep, shower, and talk to your loved ones, putting them in the awkward position to decline that faithful collect call we all know will be coming soon. I mean, honestly.
Why would you want to take the chance of your only entertainment being that of a letter that's slid in through the crack of your cell door, with the scent of a woman sprayed over the envelope of the letter, and your only contact with the sender, is a picture exposing all the Good's, just to hold you over, until you receive your next mail fix?
Buck? was having those gun's in your possession worth giving your freedom up for the next 18 month's, month's that you will never be able to get back? You made it out! why put yourself right back where you started from??
Well, I guess you now have several month's to sit down and think about the questions that have been posed to you, I'll be waiting for your response in 18 months!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Macaulay Culkin, Dying? Or Dopefiend?

It's hard to believe that the cute little boy, who captured America's heart, in his hit films, "Home Alone" could be dying, or on drug's, neither are good option's. But sources from the Los Angeles Times Entertainment are stating that Macaulay's Reps are stating that the rumors that are circulating about him being addicted to Heroin and Oxycontin's are well..simply UN-true. This young man has made such a dramatic change in his appearance over the last few month's, he hardly is recognizable. Hardly, the little boy we all remember as "Kevin."
With his frail frame, and raggedy look, one could surely jump to several conclusion's, which the media surely has done in past day's. It has also been rumored in the National Enquirer that the 31-year-old, child actor has only six month's to live.. yea right..just like Bill Clinton? whom might I add, the National Enquirer also stated had six month's to live, not less then a week ago. So I guess when it comes to certain topic's concerning individuals that you may read about, whether it be via Internet or magazine, one can never be too sure what is really fact from fiction, however, we can not put our rose-filled-glasses on and pretend not to see just how badly Macaulay looks!
If I had to say, I would put my money on him doing more drug's then the law allows. Coming from the Medical Field, I know just how to asses a patient to recognize if the patient is using street/Rx Narcotic's, and Macaulay, is displaying all the signs of a dope fiend, that needs to be admitted into the nearest Rehab Facility, faster then his loved one's can say heroin! Macaulay, has taken some very provocative picture's that really have made a few people wonder, just what in fact is going on with our child, heart throb.. was fortune too much for him to handle at such an early age? did the pressure from all the Hollywood fame, ultimately drive him to drug abuse? or was it simply, a broken heart that sent him down a spiraling path? Whatever it was,we hope that he gets the professional help that he needs to work out the ever, so apparent issues that he is currently having..,0,3864722.story

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is Usher, Genuinely Saddened Over Death Of Stepson, Or Has It Been All A Act?

In new reports from the ex-wife of Usher, Tameka Raymond is speaking out on what she believes Usher is really feeling!

Tameka's lawyer has filed new documentation in the child custody battle case, giving Usher the business, who has asked for a delay in the next hearing, in Lew of the unfortunate death of Tameka's son Kile, fearing that the courts may feel sorry for Tameka and judge UN-fairly against him.
However, in document's of her own, her lawyer's are saying that Usher is full of s***, insisting that his claims of "stress and strain" are lies!," in fact she claims that Usher didn't even care about Kile, continuing on to say that he only saw Kile once during his 15 days on life support, TMZ reported. Tameka has stated to TMZ that she begged Usher to tweet a message asking friends and fans to "please pray for Kile" he refused, however did post a tweet of his breakfast, following her request, which read " breakfast of champions." Wow, what a slap in the face to a mother who has just lost her child.
 Tameka reported, that his attempt to postpone the custody trial is anything but sincere, and has asked the judge to deny Usher's request to delay the trial, stating that " the only way for her to heal and move on with her life is to resole the custody battle.
Usher, no one is saying that you need to fall in love with Tameka all over again since the tragic accident of her son, however, your fan's are hoping to see you show some compassion being that at one point, when you two were married you called Kile your son, do the right thing and show the children that you and Tameka both share together, that you in fact loved their brother, not for your fans, not for the Judge, and not for it for Kile's siblings..

John Travolta, Makes TMZ News, Defending Allegation's Of Sexual Assault!

Travolta, has lashed out at the Cruise Ship Worker, that has accused him of sexual misconduct back in 2009. Travolta, has continued to say that he is innocent of these UN-true allegations. TMZ, first reported, Fabian Zanzi, claims that Travolta exposed himself to him during a massage on board a Royal Caribbean Cruise, and offered the young man 12,000 to keep the incident on the DOWN LOW "Zani's detailed allegation's or shown in the video attached to the link below"  In the legal document's filed yesterday by Mark Singer.. Travolta admits that, yes, in fact he was on the cruise at that time, however denies any allegation's of misconduct.. "UN-Huh."
Why would two grown men accuse this most prominent actor of sexual abuse if it never really happened? I mean, you would think that one would be more embarrassed to claim such a awful thing, If it were the money that Fabian was looking for, wouldn't he have just done the act, and asked for more money to remain silence? that would be the logical thing to do, if in fact the ship worker were gay. That's what makes the whole incident a little suspicious and it does raise eyebrow's.
Travolta wants the lawsuit dismissed and would like the ending out come to be that Fabian Zazni, foot the bill... hey John.. good luck with that!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Flying "Free' As A Bird!!!

Breaking News, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Free As A Bird!!

I guess you would be all smiles too, if you were just released, from being caged up like a wild animal that had gone wild. Floyd was released early Friday morning from a Las Vegas County Jail. He was originally sentenced to a six month sentence on a Domestic Violence case for abusing the mother of his children back in December, 2010.
Mayweather originally pled guilty to, two misdemeanor counts of DV and no contest to two misdemeanor counts of harassment charges- after allegedly threatening to "beat" his children as well during the incident.
In addition to having to sit it out for two months in county blues, he has also been ordered to complete 100 hours of community service as well a 12 month Domestic Violence program, which over half of that has been completed.
TMZ cameras caught pictures of Floyd driving away from the jail with faithful, good friend 50 cent riding shotgun, right along side of him...
Well Floyd, looks like you fought another winning battle and we are all glad to see you smiling and happy and most of all.. free from the chains that has been keeping you down for the past two month's...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snoop, Reincarnated As Bob Marley..Huh??

Now, I think that I have heard it all, in recent news it has been reported that Snoop Dogg, has now changed his name to Snoop Lion... oh..kay.. I guess if you have been in the rap game as long as Snoop has been, then well.. it makes since. Snoop has been known for his raw hitting lyrics in the Rap industry, I mean, the man has the new up and coming artist calling him uncle, because he has been in the game for so long.. maybe he has had this swift awaking because he doesn't want the young buck's of the industry graduating from  referring to  him
as uncle to  now grandpa..

All jokes aside, Snoop has been generating music and starring in movies since 1993, he has of released 12 album's and numerous hit song's. At 40, year's- of- age, it has been rumored that he is slowly falling down the ladder of his Music career. However he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa in the song "Wild and Free" which is still on the billboard top 100 and that was nearly one year ago.

Snoop Lion... mentioned that a recent trip to Jamaica made him feel born again. he went on to say when he arrived in Jamaica he was still Snoop Dogg and upon attending a conference in New York, he actually connected with Bob Marley spirit and is now Bob Marley, and while visiting the temple in Jamaica he was given the new name Snoop Lion..
One question: Was you high? because.. that most of been that ohh~wee shid Martin Lawrence spoke on a few year's back.. all I have to say is..
Good luck Snoop Lion, and to Snoop Dogg, R.I.P

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...