Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zimmerman Accused Of Sexual Assault!

A anonymous woman states that George Zimmerman molested her for a period of ten year's, she claims that she was six-year's of age when the abuse begin, she also revealed that Zimmerman's family"Is Racist." According to new evidence provided by Prosecutors, In a 27-minute interview released by special prosecutor Angela Corey, the woman claims to be related to Zimmerman, revealing tha they are in fact , cousins, and that he began the sexual assault's when he was 8, year's old.
the woman stated that she recalls Zimmerman family member's stating" that If a black person didn't act white, then they didn't like them."
Although the anonymous woman's allegations are very serious, they will not be used against him in the Trevon Martin, case due to her testimony being unrelated to this particular case.
It's actually shocking to see Zimmermen out on bail, we are all hoping that justice is served in this case in a timely constructive manner.
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