Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woman of essence, what do you see, when you stand in the mirrow and look back at me?
Woman of value: do you know your worth, to see you sell your body for monetary gain, man, that really hurt's..
Woman of integrity: Hold your head up high, walk with your nose pointed toward's the sky.. forget what you heard, sometimes it's okay to cry..

To the woman that lacks high self esteem, don't set aside your moral's to please him: do you know what I mean?
To that woman who is being battered and abused, do you want to be his latest murder victim airing on ABC News?

To the woman, that is raising kid's on her own, my hat's off too you, for hanging in there and doing the right thing, because his two right's never made you wrong!

To the little girl who had a child, running these street's, like girl's gone wild! the one who leave's her baby, all day at home, when questioned about it, she yell's "just leave me alone!" I got news for you..little miss thang, no one asked you to bring this child in the world, just to cause them pain, having a child isn't a game, maybe next you'll listen to what your mother is saying..

A word to my sister's, whether your, black , brown, asian, or white.. we are in this together, so why must we fight? Let's stand tall, hand in hand.. let's not our issues with one another, be over a two timing man..

The true essence of a woman is defined, by her character, her motivation,  her ambition, and  last but not lease, her Integrity! Be the very best that you can be, and alway's stay true to yourself, and I can assure you, that you will alway's leave any situation with the up-most respect from those around you!!
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