Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wide Reciever, Orenthal James Murdock, Blows His Brains Out In Tragic Suicide!

Today, I am sad to report that Wide Receiver, Orenthal James Murdock of the Titans, committed suicide, Orenthal was 25, at the time of his death. It is not clear what prompt the Wide Receiver to result in such a deadly conclusion. Murdock was found wounded by authorities early Monday morning in front of Middleton High School,in Tampa, Fl, where he had graduated.
He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition sometime around 8:00am, however was pronounced dead by hospital officials at 10:30 that same morning.
Murdock had been placed on the injured reserved list back in 2011 for a injury he had sustained during training camp. It has been reported that Murdock had in fact called in to team officials and advised them, that he would not be in attendance for the beginning part of training due to personal issues, however, no one was prepared for the news that would soon follow Friday's call.
My heart is saddened by all the death that has been plaguing the industry, I wish that he could have talked to someone, anyone before taking his own life! My thoughts and prayer's go up and out to his family.
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