Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adam Barsness, Son Of J.Gambino, A Pilliar Of Inspiration!!

This is a story, about a young man by the name of Adam Barsness, who is doing a remarkable job at playing the cards that he has been dealt, in living with the crippling disability of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Adam, son of Little J, Gambino and Yvette, has surely made huge leaps and bounds, after being diagnosed with DMD.

 DMD occurs because the mutated gene fails to produce virtually any functional dystrophin. (Individuals with Becker MD genetic mutations make dystrophin that is partially functional, which protects their muscles from degenerating as badly or as quickly as in DMD.

Each son born to a woman with a dystrophin mutation on one of her two X chromosomes has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the flawed gene and having DMD. Each of her daughters has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the mutation and being a carrier. Carriers may not have any disease symptoms but can have a child with the mutation or the disease. DMD carriers are at risk for cardiomyopathy.
Although DMD often runs in a family, it's possible for a family with no history of DMD to suddenly have a son with the disease.

Adam, was diagnosed with having DMD at the young age of 7-year's- old, and was advised by his Physician that he would not live past 18 or he would be deathly ill by his early 20's. Adam, was also advised that he would experience severe heart and lung problems,Adam has stated that he has not had a issue with either and actually has recently celebrated his 22nd birthday!

With all that this courageous young man has under-gone, he has not given up hope, nor has his ambition been diminished by any means. He has proven to Doctor's and Physical Therapist that he can and will overcome all odds, he is not letting this disease get the best of him at all!

But in fact, is giving this crippling disease a run for it's money! Adam has written a book called "Mahayana, Spiritual Array" and is looking to have his book on shelves in the near future.. When asked where he wanted to be in the next four year's, Adam had this to say,"I try to just let life happen,"
Currently, Adam is enrolled at UNLV and studying, Bio-Chemistry, where he utilizes public transportation to get to and from school, if that isn't a sure sign of a fighter, I don't know what is..
Keep up the great work Adam, your an inspiration to all of those suffering from any debilitaing disease!!

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